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Free Internet Paid Surveys - Review of Survey Sites

  • By: Doctor Money

  • #1 Trusted Site for Home Cash Surveys
    Paid surveys
    Free internet paid surveys can earn you a good regular income if you do it the right way. We cannot over-emphasize on the importance of finding quality survey sites that can bring you a constant source of surveys. You need to understand a bit about survey membership sites and market research companies. Survey membership sites essentially hold large databases of market research companies. Market research companies are companies who provide you with the free internet paid surveys and pay you. Here are some useful tips to spot an excellent survey site:

    1. Cost to Access Free Internet Paid Surveys

    It normally costs a one-time low fee to join the survey membership sites to access the free internet paid surveys. These sites would provide you with a huge database of paying market research companies. There are some survey sites that offer free databases, but the quality of the market research companies in their stable may be way below your expectations. How can any business afford to be free? Be careful with lead companies that masquerade as free survey sites. Some of these free sites may be selling/reselling or brokering their customer details to direct marketing companies or other lead companies.

    2. Quality and Size of Market Research Companies Database

    Some people advocate searching for market research companies on your own. Yes you can do that, provided you have tons of free time. Finding a quality and paying market research company takes time. You have to register, try qualifying for some surveys, complete them and check out how long it takes for them to send you your check. It is a tedious process and many a time, you would be wasting your time and energies. Some companies only offer you credits in exchange for gifts or vouchers. To compile a list on your own efforts would take ages.

    Survey membership sites charge you a fee so that they can invest time and effort in maintaining and keeping their databases updated with quality market research companies that offer great rewards for their free internet paid surveys. They make sure that due diligence is exercised to remove poor performing or scam survey companies. Look out for one that has at least 300 companies in their databases.

    3. Positive Testimonials and Customer Support

    Read the testimonials of existing customers to know if the survey membership site meets their expectations. Some of the sites also provide tools, tips and easy-to-understand step-by-step instructions on how to earn money quickly with the free internet paid surveys.

    4. Safe and Reliable Payment Processor

    Survey membership sites which use reliable payment processors like Clickbank, major credit cards and Paypal are safer. Since these established payment processors have strict service policies, they do not accept any questionable and unreliable service. Any business hoping to list their products in Clickbank must meet and adhere to their service and quality standards such as excellent product quality, technical support and refund policies.

    Here are the top 4 survey sites that have scored well in each aspect we have reviewed. To tell you the truth, it was not easy to rank them accordingly as their ratings are close.

    Paid Surveys Etc – Top Choice for Free Internet Paid Surveys

    Paid Surveys Etc
    Paid Surveys Etc is one of the best-run membership sites for  internet paid surveys. They come with a list packed with over 450 companies providing surveys. You can find all the available surveys at the members’ area so you can take them at your own convenience. It deserves thumbs up for its ease of use and reasonable earnings potential. We absolute love the way they pay us to watch movies. Earn while enjoying a good show. It just cannot get better!

    Potential Earnings

    $5 – 75 per free online survey completed

    $10 – 25 per product sampling

    $12 – 35 per movie trailer preview

    $50 – 150 per focus group survey completed

    Survey Scout – No.2 for Free Internet Paid Surveys

    Survey Scout
    Frankly speaking, picking this survey site to fill the third second place is a tough choice since it is comparable in most ways to Paid Surveys Etc. The member interface is dummy-proof and easy to navigate. You get to access to surveys from some of the best paying survey companies. Till date, they have over 470 in their database. It is also one of the most popular survey membership sites around known for its reliability and paying survey companies.

    Potential Earnings

    $5 – 75 per free online survey completed

    $10 – 30 per product sampling

    $4 – 25 per movie trailer preview

    Max $150 per focus group survey completed

    Occasional offers for mystery shopping, dining and paid to drive.

    Survey Income System – No.3 for Free Internet Paid Surveys

    Free Internet Paid Surveys,Survey Income System
    This survey site is a neat and professionally set up membership site. What we like about this site is it provides free tool to automate parts of form filling. This tool is a time-saver. Considering the variety of surveys they offer, they deserve the third place without a doubt. However, we are quite disappointed that most of the survey opportunities are open only to US residents and not for overseas folks.

    Potential Earnings

    $5 – 75 per free online survey completed

    $5 – 95 per free offline survey completed

    $10 – 50 per product sampling

    $5 – 50 per hour for movie trailer preview

    $8 – 35 per hour to drive your car

    $3200 per month to test-drive a new car

    $50 – 175 per focus group survey completed

    $24 – 75 per hour as a mystery shopper and eating out at restaurants

    Paid Surveys Online – No.4 for Free Internet Paid Surveys

    Free Internet Paid Surveys; Paid Surveys Online

    This is one of the pioneering survey sites online. It is time tested and have provided countless earning opportunities for many folks worldwide. We like it because of its international coverage and opportunities for anyone from Australia, Canada, USA and UK from over 400 companies. They also offer bonuses upon completion of sign up including free vacation. You will not find this information on the site as this is a surprise gift only for members. Friendly and competent customer support is to be expected here.

    Potential Earnings

    $5 – 150 per online survey/focus group survey completed

    Free internet paid surveys are one of the best opportunities that have emerged online. If you are looking to add a few hundred dollars in your spare time or a few thousand dollars full-time, this is an ideal choice!

    Article Written By: Doctor Money

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