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Secrets to Successful Online Holiday Shopping

No one’s quite ready to cancel the holidays because of the economy, but sales and promotions will be a deciding factor for 40 percent of holiday shoppers this year, according to the National Retail Federation’s recent holiday survey. And 44 percent of shoppers looking for a deal are going to search online, the survey shows.

“This holiday season, shoppers will be exceptionally cost-conscious. But great deals can definitely be found online,” says Jim “Griff” Griffith, eBay marketplace expert. “People constantly tell us that finding great deals is one of the reasons they love eBay.”

Before you buy online this holiday season, keep Griff’s top tips for online shopping in mind: [...more click to full story]

5 Rules of Shopping

Everyone likes a bargain and it is this time of the year, when sales are in full swing that we head out to the sales in search of a great bargain. The question is, are you really getting a bargain when you buy clothing that doesn’t fit well – a pair of boots at seventy percent off but a size too big – or a sweater that you will never wear because it doesn’t match a thing you own.

5 Rules of Shopping Before you hit the stores looking for bargains decide how much money you want to spend. A great sale has the potential to be a spending trap that will leave your pocketbook empty and your closet overstuffed with items that you will wish you had never bought – like the boots that are too big and keep slipping off.

Here are 5 shopping rules that will help you come home with clothing items that are real bargains that will make you look and feel good
[...more click to full story]

Save Money While Shopping For Food

Buying food can be downright depressing. Personally, I love to shop for food, but in the past my experience was often ruined by the total of the bill when I reached the checkout. By learning a few simple rules to follow, I no longer frown when I fork out my money. Instead I smile, because I know that I have bought enough food to keep my family well-fed without spending a lot of money. Here are some ways you can save money too. [...more click to full story]

Shopping For a New Home

Congratulations on your decision to get a new home, now is the time to consider some aspects to help you find your dream home.

First and most importantly, find a professional Real Estate agent to help you get through the process. Before you decide how many bathrooms you need, or what area is the best, it's important to know how your credit is and if your actual financial situation is in good condition, and finally, how much you are going to be able to qualify for on a mortgage. [...more click to full story]

Top Tips for Christmas Shopping With Toddlers

I think Christmas shopping and shopping generally with toddlers, is given a bad press! With a little bit of planning and some common sense there are many practical ways to take the stress, frustration and tension out of buying your father- in - law his annual socks and festive tie! [...more click to full story]