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Valentine’s Day Romance Tips for all Relationships

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year, but it can also be one of the most challenging. If you are a new couple, how do you express your feelings without going overboard? If you are an established couple with work and family responsibilities, where can you find the time to arrange a romantic evening?
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I Gave Him A Night To Remember

The love of my life was having a big birthday and I wanted to give him a gift he'd never forget. A gift that would prove my love beyond all doubt. But what could I do to make him feel like a king among men?
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Just love me!

Just love me!

Just LOVE me, like a fat kid loves cake!

Have you ever felt like that? When I first heard that, it hit me like a ton of bricks. To be in LOVE like that or to be loved like that would just rule forever. Is that not what we are all yearning for? Do we not seek out LOVE from the
second we breathe as an infant? We search our parents eyes for that look of LOVE. We smile because we know it makes
them smile with the LOVE that they feel for us.

To LOVE or not to LOVE? This is the question we all ponder through out life. [...more click to full story]

Falling In Love - Is It True Love or Infatuation?

Falling In Love

Falling in love - someday it will happen to you. You will find yourself suddenly falling in love and it will amaze you.

You can't run away from it. Love eventually catches up with everyone. It may be sooner or later. Whatever the time, however long it takes, you can be absolutely sure someday will fall head over heels in love with someone.

But that is not the scary part.

The part that scares most people is the fact love sometimes tend to be blind - or so it seems.

The truth is, true love is hard to come by. Real love is rare. When you finally find something that seems like true love, you grab it with both hands. You invest everything you've got in it. Unfortunately, you may find out months later that it isn't real love. You have been chasing a dream!

That brings us back to the really scary part. Love tends to be blind. People falling in love tend to be irrational and illogical. The love emotion takes over. Thereafter nothing else matters.

Why is this scary?

The answer is simple. Love can be destructive. Love, blind love, can ruin your life.

Yes, some kind of love is blind love. This kind of love is infatuation.

True love or real love, is constructive and upbuilding. True love is

  • Realistic
  • Compassionate
  • Considerate
  • Unselfish
  • Practical and down-to-earth

    Blind love or infatuation is unrealistic, selfish, and destructive.

    When falling in love, ask yourself what kind of love you are falling into. Is it true love or infatuation? Is your love based on unselfish and realistic expectations or on a fantasy?

    Consider an example of how blind love, infatuation, can be.

    Sharon was from a decent and wealthy home. She was an undergraduate who had everything she wanted. She was astoundingly beauty and well-trained and cultured. Understandly, suitors came in droves.

    Her father's wealth poured her way so she was rich in the accepted sense of the word. The suitors asking her hand in marriage were just as rich. Many had an enviable social status.

    However, Sharon just wasn't interested. Marriage wasn't in her books yet. And when she decides to get married, she would marry the man of her dreams. So she said.

    Eventually, Sharon fell in love. Unfortunately, her lover was a rude shock to everyone including her parents.

    Sharon's boyfriend was a heroine smoking cult boy with an attitude. He wasn't exactly crazy about her. But she footed his bill and paid his way to smoking haven. So he put up with her.

    Sharon, on the other hand, was madly in love. She saw something in him she hadn't seen anywhere else. Her boyfriend, Larry, was broad shouldered, tall, tough, raw, bold, unrelenting, and daring. He could stare death in the face and not bart an eyelid. Her boyfriend was a real man!

    Sharon was madly in love with Larry and there was no stopping her. Her parents could not understand why their rich and well-breed daughter fell in love with a poor heroine smoking gangster. Her friends couldn't undertand either.

    Can you feel Sharon's love? Do you understand why her gentle her fell for a hoodlum?

    Sharon fell in love with a dream - a bold, daring, no nonsense, dare devil guy. He had the looks and the heart of a lion. She admired that bravery, that manly boldness. Soon that admiration turned to love. And there was no stopping her.

    However, she's on the wrong road.

    True love is not based on physical attraction. Physical attraction eventually fails as people get older and age. What counts most is spiritual virtues - your lover's personality.

    A heroine smoking gangster will eventually get into trouble and land himself in jail. A cultist gangster takes delight in beating people up and formenting trouble. Sooner or later, if they get married, she may become a battered wife.

    Do you get the point?

    Infatuation is blind, physical, destructive. True love is clear-sighted, upbuilding, refreshing.

    True love, real love

    True love, real love, is based on realistic expectations and facts. It is selfless and works for the good of her partner. Infatuation, on the other hand, doesn't care about reality. It focuses on the physical and immediate gain.

    Evaluate your feelings properly before continuing with that love relationship.

    Relationships based on true love lasts forever. Relationships based on infatuation are usually temporary and momentary. That is the very reason why some marriages last two weeks, some seven days and still others, a lifetime.

    The difference is true love. Real love is true and lasts forever.

    Thinking of falling in love?

    Make sure it is real love. Evaluate your lovers potentials in relation to your desire most - what is known and proven to that make relationships last.

    Hey, fall in love the right way. It's your life. It's your future. It's your happiness at stake.

  • By: Samson Itoje

  • Samson Itoje is a seasoned author and relationship expert. He offers free articles on relationship advice at true-love-relationship-advice.com His ebooks on love, money, and business are available at zyonlinebookpublishing.com. He also provides free love articles at samsonitoje.com Article Source http://EzineArticles.com/

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