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Perfume Application Tips

  • By: Scent of Jerusalem

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    When it comes to perfume application there is no right or wrong way, but it is generally accepted that there are three schools of thought on the subject. Depending on the occasion, the fragrance, and your personality, one of these methods is sure to suit your needs.

    First Method: Pulse Points

    When you apply eau de cologne, eau de toilette, or eau de perfume (EDP) perfumes, apply them to pulse points such as the folds in the crook of your elbow and back of knees, wrist, neck and cleavage.

    Make sure you do not rub wrists together as this crushes the smell.

    Second Method: Spritz Perfume Into The Air

    To Spritz, or spray lightly, is an action very often associated with the application of perfume. Once you've sprayed a little into the air, walk straight into the perfume, allowing it to diffuse itself evenly over your body. It is best to apply the fragrance starting on your lower body working your way up to the top.

     The downfall: Be prepared to clean up the oily patch beneath you, after all a tiny amount of perfume will descend onto the floor.

    Third Method: Layering

    (or: How do I make fragrance last on my skin?)

    Layering perfumes is the process of using products from the same fragrance line together in such a way as to retain their natural scents, making for a fuller and better scent experience.

    You might begin with shower or bath gel and then rub in body lotion or spray with a matching after bath spray. Finally apply the scent preferably as perfume or EDP.I find that the use of body lotion makes you feel really scented and it is probably to do with starting at the feet and applying the scent all over allowing the scent to rise. It also makes you feel extra special and very pampered.

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