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How to Make an Environmentally Friendly Bath and Spa Gift Basket

How to Make an Environmentally Friendly Bath and Spa Gift Basket

Giving an eco-friendly or environmentally friendly bath and spa gift basket is a great way to help the environment. Whether you buy the gift basket or make it yourself, the environment will be better off for it. Think recycled paper (100% post-consumer, waste/process, chlorine-free paper), organic where possible, and recycling. Just follow these simple instructions for making your bath and spa gift basket.

First of all you'll need to decide whether you'll be using organic items or products, fair-trade items like soaps, items of clothing like new socks made from recycled cotton, or recyclable used items. You probably won't want to use any chocolate or food items in this basket. They generally don't go well with fragrance items. But use your judgment.

Next decide on what items will go into the environmentally friendly bath and spa gift basket.

an organic and vegan bath or spa gift basket

For an organic and vegan bath or spa gift basket you can use: natural fiber sponges, pumice stone, towels, scrubs, organic and vegan soaps, fair-trade soaps, all natural toothpaste, organic lotions and shampoos without hormone-disrupting methylparabens or other toxic preservatives or additives, terry cloth and other types of bath pillows (very popular), spa pillows (very popular too), spa supplies, natural hair brushes, natural foot brushes, candles, aromatherapy goods, organic cotton socks, CDs of nature sounds or other soothing music, handwritten poem on recycled paper, birthday poem, inspirational book, book of poetry, Zen alarm clock, fair-trade art, handmade costume jewelry, stones, crystals, beautiful rocks, homemade items or a no-expiration gift certificate to a store that specializes in environmentally friendly items.

Now that you know your theme and what items to use it's time to put your environmentally friendly bath and spa gift basket together.

gift containers

For gift containers some ideas: fair-trade baskets, wooden baskets, wooden bowls, fiber baskets, straw baskets, locally made pottery, buckets, non-aluminum, non-Teflon cooking pots and pans, large tea pots, potted plant holders, wire baskets, large pasta bowls, large popcorn bowls, clay pots, colanders, fabric gift bags, used baskets and containers from Goodwill Industries and Salvation Army stores or anything recyclable.

For gift basket liner some ideas: shredded newspaper, organic cotton tea towels, organic cotton dish towels, organic cotton hand towels, colored recyclable napkins, organic cloth napkins or fabric pieces.

For gift basket filler, if needed, you can use: crumpled newspaper comics, straw or use your imagination.

And for gift basket wrap and tie some ideas: recyclable paper, butcher paper, newspaper, newspaper comics, or reusable brown paper bags. Also check with the Salvation Army or Goodwill Industries stores for inexpensive recyclable wrapping paper. Tie with jute or raffia twine for a simple rustic look or leave the gift basket unwrapped.

Gift Basket Filler

Now the instructions for putting your environmentally friendly bath and spa gift basket together -- first start with your chosen container. Place the liner inside and add the basket filler. Arrange the items with the tallest in back. If needed, fill any holes with organic wrapped candies or crumpled shredded recycled paper. Cover with wrap and tie with jute or raffia twine. Don't forget the personalized, recycled card. If you're using a homemade card include a great, happy, positive uplifting, spine-tingling favorite quote or saying. That's it! You should have a fine-looking eco-friendly or environmentally friendly bath and spa gift basket!

  • By: Helen Hecker