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Happily Divorced?

  • By: Larry Westfall

  • Divorce

    Divorce is becoming increasingly more common in light of new laws that practically authorize divorce on all grounds. Many couples decide to get married on a spontaneous act and later find that due to lack of compatibility, divorce is the only way out.

    Few people ask what the procedures for divorce entail. The procedures are never easy, but if you do not have children, then Pro Bono divorces may be the best solution. Pro Bono lawyers are available and can terminate divorces fairly easy; however, the public libraries have the step-by-step guides to go through the procedures of divorce. The persons merely read the directions, copy the papers provided in the book, fill out the forms, and visit the County Clerk for authorization. Once the clerk stamps the papers of approval, the couple is then issued a court date in which they will participate to finish the process.

    Step by step guide to planning and executing your divorce.

    Once the couple is in the courtroom, the judge will ask each party why they are considering divorce. The couple must say, “There has been a breakdown in the marriage to the point of no reconciliation.” The courts may ask for a brief detail and ask if children and assets are involved before granting the divorce. If there are no children involved, but assets existing, then it depends on the willingness of the couple if the Judge will grant the divorce; otherwise, additional court hearings may be needed to finalize the divorce.

    If the parties considering divorce have a wealth of assets without children, it may be advisable to seek the help of a professional attorney to split the assets amongst the two. Divorces are never easy; thus, considering the reasons and weighing them out carefully is the ultimate answer to resolve the problem. If you do not feel that you are ready for a divorce, you may want to continue to work on your relationship before you file for the long, expensive, and tricky process of divorce. - Helping women facing divorce to take control of their future

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