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Homeschool Basics

It is the first day of the 180 days of homeschool. You've purchased all of your supplies, created a daily or weekly curriculum and you're ready to go. Why then do you have a big lump in your throat and think that you're making a big mistake? Don't worry; you are one of the thousands that have made the decision to leave the comfort of public schools and brave the homeschool frontier. A few homeschool basics will help reinforce your commitment to see this project through. Help is never farther than a phone call to a local homeschooling chapter member or a click of your mouse. Three homeschool basics include finding the right curriculum, finding support and navigating the legal issues in your locale. [...more click to full story]

8 Simple Tips To Help Your Child Read

Take away the skill of reading and not only books become a mysterious and foreign world, but reading train timetables, ordering from a menu, understanding bank statements, and any number of straightforward daily activities become virtually impossible.

If your child is struggling to read, the effects of their problem can reach into adulthood, be humiliating, and extremely limiting.

The world of a non reader is a mixed up place where only those who know the ‘secret code’ can decipher the strange symbols around them and fully participate. [...more click to full story]