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How to Wear Animal Prints for Plus Sized Figures

  • By: Renee Gibbs

  • Zebra Print Dress for Plus Size Women - Forever 21

    Animal prints can be easy and fun to wear even when you have a plus-size figure. It helps to keep the amount of print to a minimal for a classic and simple look. Mixing prints can make the outfit look too busy. Wearing zebra print in larger pieces of clothing such as a full-length dress or coat works when paired with an accessory such as a scarf or handbag in a solid color.

    There are many solid colors that match animal prints well besides black. The list includes brown and beige. These colors have a casual and warm tone which helps the print blend instead of standing out too much. Mixing it with solid colors can give a sophisticated look for evening wear or a business casual look. Be careful of wearing it from head to toe for you do not want to look like you are dressed for a costume party.

    For plus-sized women, animal print accessories are easy and fast ways to incorporate trendy designs into a wardrobe. For some, this is how they began experimenting with it. There is a large variety of animal print accessories that can be worn with solids to complete your look. Plus, this can be an alternative to wearing apparel with larger amounts of print. Just because it is supposed to be displayed minimally, does not mean you can not have fun wearing it.

    Think about your favorite accessories and start there. If you like wearing jewelry such as earrings or bracelets you can find many pieces made with animal prints to wear for any occasion. If you are a shoe-lover and enjoy wearing pumps or high heels, consider a leopard or zebra print shoe to wear with jeans or a black skirt. With this type of accessories, you can play around with different ideas to mix and match accessories.

    One consideration when are on the fuller side, is to avoid larger pieces in zebra prints. Zebra print is the boldest of all animal prints and will make you look heavier due to the highly contrasting black and white horizontal stripes. If you love zebra print and still want to work it into your wardrobe, consider a great handbag, shoes or accessory instead of larger zebra print apparel. You will look slimmer while still being chic and trendy.

    Wearing clothing that fits properly will help you in choosing the best animal prints for your body type. Even for plus sizes, animal prints can be chic and classy as long as you know how to make them work for you. Keep your personal style in mind and start small if you are not sure where to start. Animal prints can be a great investment for any wardrobe and any figure including plus sizes - if you can make it work for you.


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