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Seam-Free Bras A Must For The Summer Season

We all know that beauty comes in all different shapes/sizes it is all in the eyes of the beholder. Each and every woman wants to look FANTASTIC each and every day and plus size ladies certainly know how to shine, glow and look beautiful.
This guide has been put together to help you choose your seam free bra that will show off your special and sexy curves to the max.
[...more click to full story]

Women Swimsuits

The first use of bathing apparel was done in Greece in 300 BC. Since then women swimsuits had made a long journey. A lot of changes were seen in women swimsuits since then.

Womens are mostly confused in deciding the perfect swimsuits for themselves. One should careful in selecting swimsuits because the right swimsuits can enhance your figure and shapes[...more click to full story]

How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Type

Finding the best swimsuit is something that we all struggle with! Who hasnt tried on every style and tried to figure out which ones are the best and hide a little of this or that? This article will take the guess work out of shopping and make finding that perfect fit happen a little easier. Think of al the time youll save in the dressing room next time your shopping. [...more click to full story]

Get Your Swimsuit on!

The summer is here and people are getting ready for swimsuit season. There are plenty of reasons to get ready for swimsuit season, most notably its fun to go to the beach, or spend a lazy day by the pool with friends. When looking for your plus size swimsuits there will be plenty of options and the plus size swimwear that you chose to buy can make or break your summer seasons.

The plus size swimsuits on sale at most stores are frumpy one piece getups that look more like they were made for your grandmother then your frame. The good news that in the recent years plus size swimwear has been transformed into high fashion pieces that will make you look as cosmopolitan as a Brazilian g-string does.

When shopping for plus size swimsuits keep in mind 3 important rules: size, cut, and fit [...more click to full story]


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