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Is Designer Clothing Worth the Cost?

  • By: Angela Ayles

  • Do you ever wonder whether or not designer clothing is worth the cost? Do you think that some people are out of their minds for spending so much on a simple piece of clothing? If so, keep reading and you'll find out why individuals who refuse to buy designer clothing may actually end up spending more on their wardrobes than those who wear haute couture designs.

    Here is a list of benefits associated with designer clothing. Hopefully this will clear up any doubts you may have had about spending a little extra money on high end designs.


    As you probably know by now, designer clothing is made with the highest quality of materials, 100 percent of the time. You know what you're getting and they aren't trying to trick you. They are telling you very clearly √ this piece was designed by the best designers in the industry and features the highest quality materials possible √ but you'll have to pay the price, otherwise we're not making any profit. As a result, you'll pay a little more in the beginning but that piece will likely remain in top condition for years and years.


    This one is a little materialistic but let's be realistic √ there's a little part of each of us that want the designer clothing because of the label. Chanel didn't get their consumer-base strictly from the materials they use. They built a name for themselves through their incredible logo and the designs they use on a regular basis. It's okay to purchase clothes for this reason but you generally shouldn't purchase them only for this reason.


    Once you realize how much time you actually spend in your clothes (which for most of us, is approximately 95% of our lives) you'll realize how important it is to choose the right clothing. Have you ever noticed that individuals who purchase designer clothing never complain that it's itchy and uncomfortable? Me either. Cashmere, silk and satin are the most comfortable fabrics available. For most of us feeling good is just as important as looking good. Not only will you look good in designer clothing but you'll feel good too.

    I hope this clears up some of the questions you may have had regarding the benefits of choosing designer clothing. Knowing how the clothing is made and which types of materials are best to purchase will give you the upper hand on your next shopping experience. Don't let other designers fool you into thinking you're getting authentic pieces when you're not. If a deal seems too good to be true it, it probably is.

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