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Hip Hop Clothing - The New Popular Fashion Style

  • By: Ispas Marin


    If you fallow the history you will notice that has always been a strong bound between fashion and music. So, there were the hippies in the 60s, disco in 70s, madonna in 80s and many other clothing styles.

    Then, in the early 80s appeared a new clothing style. Hip Hop clothing was considered new and cool, but it took almost 20 years for the mainstream fashion to accept the new style. The rap culture means hip hop music, hip hop clothing, hip hop mentality and way of living. So the fashion industry finally saw the huge potential income that could be made from producing and selling hip hop clothing. In time, big and small fashion companies started looking to the hip hop community for inspiration.

    At first big fashion companies didn't pay much attention to hip hop clothing. But, like in all domains there have always been small independent producers. This little fashion designers loved the hip hop culture and produced clothes that were sold trough local retail stores. All became more simple for this small hip hop clothing designers, when this fashion style became more and more popular. They could form their own company or just design clothes for other firms.

    This small designers have the most inovative ideas when it comes to hip hop clothing. And this is because they are young people that are always closer to the street than the consecrated designers. So they can inspire from what they see day by day in their neighborhood. Thinking of this fact you can say that the hip hop culture, especially hip hop clothes evolves because of this people that really go down on the streets and have a pretty good idea of what's going on there. They can always find out new fashion concepts and see what the people really want.

    In conclusion hip hop clothing has become quite a popular fashion style almost everywhere. And that's because of the power of the rap culture itself. It took a long time to be accepted, but now when it finally is, the big fashion companies really like this style and try to sell as much as they can.

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