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Fall 2007 Fashion - Skirts

  • By: Janice Wee

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    What are the skirts to wear from Fall 2007 to Winter 2008.

    The runways favor black, gray, metallics and jewel tones. Dresses are seen everywhere under gorgeous coats so where do skirts come in? For one thing, skirt suits are blazing a trail. This season's skirt suits are cinched at the waists with skirts ending slightly above the knee.

    That means a skirt that matches your jackets are Fall's best feminine buy where separates are concerned. Make yours black. That way, your new skirt, when paired with a favourite black jacket, would make a great new skirt suit that is just right for Fall 2007. That black skirt would go well with your other tops too and a smart switch of accessories would update it for Spring, Summer and the seasons ahead. That black skirt is a classic, so invest in a great black skirt that would be one of your wardrobe basics.

    Skirts don't have to be only about business. A frilly chiffon skirt would go beautifully with matching tops for this season's romantic look. It could be black, red, pink or any color that matches a simple top.

    After fall comes winter. Party season. Time for metallics. If your hips are narrow, go for a pouf or full metallic skirt for drama and to give you curves. If your hips are wide, slim them down with a black skirt but a glittery top. Another skirt which is hot for fall is the high waisted skirt. That skirt is wonderful for long torsos. It visually shortens the torso and makes legs look longer in contrast.

    Animal prints are hot. This season's animal prints do not look like any particular animal's. I guess designers are sick of animal rights activists barging into their shows with anti-fur protests so they feature prints that are clearly not real fur, so animal protectors know for sure no animal had to give up its life in the name of fashion. A stunning animal print skirt makes you look sexier, and it spices up your look. Your perfect skirt for fall would be something that suits your figure and which you like on sight.

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