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2011 Summer Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women

  • By: Sarah Zammit

  • 2011 Summer Fashion Trends for Plus Size Women

    Are you feeling the heat yet? Summer is pretty much with us, so now is the perfect time to get in the know about the latest trends in plus size fashion for the upcoming season.

    Most stores have already launched their Spring and Summer collections and are adding new items to their shops, both online and in stores around malls. So now is the perfect time to update yourself about the latest trends to update your closet in time for the Summer months.

    So here are the top Summer plus size fashion trends you need to know about.

    1. Animal Prints

    The animal magnetism trend is back this year, and it is back with a vengeance because you can see animal prints everywhere! Front dresses, to top, tunic tops, and even leggings can be found in animal prints. Whether you're looking for leopard or tiger prints you can find there in various different shades too not just the regular shades. Don't worry if you're not too daring to go for an animal print dress, you can incorporate this trend by wearing an animal print clutch-bag with a little black dress for example.

    2. Wide Stripes

    Stripes were very much in fashion last year, and this Summer they are back, but with a twist. Last year we were used to seeing thin stripes, but the ones hitting the catwalk this season are wide. So watch out for tops with wide stripes, in various colors.

    3. Floral Prints

    Whilst the animal prints trend exudes a woman's strong side, the floral prints trend of course brings out a woman's fragility and femininity. So although quite opposing trends, both of these will be big this Summer season. Look out for floral print tops and dresses. Some are all over prints, whereas other styles just have a touch of floral pattern. Again if you are not very comfortable with wearing prints, add on this trend to your outfits with patterned bags, shoes and scarves.

    4. Bright, Vibrant Colors

    It's only fair that after Fall and Winter's toned down colors, we transition into more fun, fresh and vibrant Summer colors. This season's colors will be truly bright: watch out for highlighter style greens, pinks, oranges and yellows. Of course play this trend well and make sure not to overdo it. For example, you can wear a bright colored tunic top with a pair of denim leggings. Again do no forget you can play up with trend with accessories as well!

    5. Lace

    Similarly to the floral trend, lace is very feminine. Lace was quite popular over the cold winter months, we saw it in various collections. This trend will carry on in Summer! So do look out for lace dresses, and lace accented tops and leggings.

    6. Gladiator Sandals

    The gladiator sandals style of shoe was immensely popular last Summer, so everyone who loved these sandals can rejoice! These sandals are back this season. We might see variations in style of course, with different twists given to it, though they are still in.

    So there you have it, these are the top plus size fashion trends for Summer 2011 you need to be aware of!. Take ton these trends and apply them to your personal style, to make sure you are stylish this summer season.

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