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How to Find the Perfect Swimsuit for Your Body Types

  • By: Robb Ksiazek

  • Finding the best swimsuit is something that we all struggle with! Who hasn’t tried on every style and tried to figure out which ones are the best and hide a little of this or that? This article will take the guess work out of shopping and make finding that perfect fit happen a little easier. Think of al the time you’ll save in the dressing room next time your shopping.

    Women Swimwear

    The first thing to do if you are shopping for a swimsuit is to identify your body type and what areas you are trying to conceal. Depending on which swimwear categories you fit into, try the techniques and tips listed below for the best look.

    Bottom Heavy:

    • Try a skirted suit if you have more of a pear shaped body. You’ll be surprised how fun some of the latest skirted suits look – they aren’t as matronly as they once were!
    • Vertical detailing on top: try on suits that draw the eye to the top of the swimsuit to look longer and leaner. For instance if the suit is all black, try on one with the design up at the top.
    • Try straight necklines to broaden shoulders and balance out proportions – this will give the illusion of a more hour-glass shape.

    Wide Waist:

    • If you have a wider waist, try using a belt or stripes around the waist area.
    • Even though most people think it will draw attention to the midsection, it will actually clinch your midsection and make at appear smaller.
    • Stay away from prints – solid fabrics are the most slimming.
    • Streamlined lines along the sides – light colors down the sides give the illusion of a smaller waist.

    Small Breasts:

    • Give them lift by trying padded close together cups to enhance a small bustline.
    • Try different prints – some lines and designs can actually enhance and make you appear curvier.
    • If you can’t do under-wire and padding, try shorter straps to pull you up and fill you out.

    Large Breasts:

    • Try high straight bustlines. They conceal and help you look more proportionate.
    • Try a swimsuit with larger straps. They offer more support and cover side bulges.
    • Try tankinis and bikinis. They offer a lot of support and lift.

    Long-Midsection or Short Legs:

    • Try a higher cut leg – it gives the optical illusion that your legs are longer.

    Finding the right swimwear can be a difficult task for anyone, regardless of body style. With a few simple ideas, you’ll be able to get a stylish suit that flatters even the body parts that you are most concerned with.

    Robb Ksiazek is a successful author and publisher. He has researched and written hundreds of articles related to lingerie and swimwear trends and believes getting the most out of fashion is empowering to the soul.
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