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Top Spring Fashion Trends For The Plus Sized Girl

  • By: Sarah Zammit

  • Stripes Are In

    Spring is almost on us and everyone is planning out their wardrobe for this upcoming season. It's that time of the year when layers of clothing come off and you are set to show off that body that has been hiding underneath. Most people tend to concentrate of fashion for the average sized woman. But there is however a massive population of plus size women who have some great things in store for them this Spring season in terms of fashion and style. Here are four particular trends that will be hot this Spring, with some suggestions on how you can incorporate them in your everyday outfits.

  • 1. Stripes Are In

    Stripes are totally this year. You can use them in dresses, skirts as well as blazers and tops. They help give the illusion of a slimmer you and balance the look of your body. In the 80s, it was rather stylish to wear blocks of color. Well its back to that part of the fashion cycle. Wearing blocks of color will prevent anyone from focusing on just one part of your body. You can choose to wear blocks of color in tune with the weather each day.

  • 2. Go For Bold Colors

    The Roxanne dress

    Bold colors are the in for the plus size woman this year. The best way to pull off this look is to have a bright pair of trousers teamed with a sober shirt or a really bright color dress which will allow you to stand out. The mesh is what you should indulge in if you are headed for an elegant evening out. Set in your bodice, it will allow you to show off just how much skin you need to while not overdoing the look.

  • 3. Pretty Peplum

    Another look that comes straight out of the 80s is the peplum. You can have this at the base of tops and team them up with tights, formal skirts etc, depending on where you are headed to. Use of a lot of bright animal prints as this will help you look great despite being in the plus size category.

  • 4. Shirts and Maxis

    Make sure that you have a range of button down shirts in your wardrobe - they can be sleeved, short or long and even sleeveless. You can combine them with any kind of bottom you please. That having been said, open shoulder tops are perfect for the plus size woman and these in bold colors are the flavor of the season this year. Polka dots are also here this season and you can use them in short dresses, tops and the like. Also choose long maxi skirts that are sheer when you step out. It gives you the touch of elegance and the airiness you need when on the move.

    Those were four trends to be aware of to stay stylish in Spring, 2012!

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