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How to Decorate for a Good Night’s Sleep

Wallpaper badroom design
(ARA) - We spend more time in our bedrooms than most rooms in our homes. Our busy lives can sometimes transform the bedroom from its main function -- rest -- into a makeshift office, entertainment center or even a play area for the kids. How do we create a room where rest and sleep are a priority?

Enhance the quality of your sleep with a few adjustments to the room you sleep in. First, designate your bedroom as a haven devoted to relaxation -- the one room where work and clutter are banned.

Next, remember that less is more when decorating. You really don’t need much more than the bed, a bedside table and a lamp.

Try to create a look that is spare, but not necessarily bare. Stripping it down to the essential elements is conducive to sleep, but to make sure the room does not  look sterile and soulless, consider wallpaper to  add visual warmth while creating a calm and comfortable environment.

One trick that high-end interior designers use to create a relaxing oasis is upholstering the walls in sumptuous textured fabrics like silk and linen. Some more elaborate wall treatments may include padded and button-tufted fabric walls or stretching a tapestry, wall hanging or drapery across the length of the wall behind the bed.

The problem is fabric can be prohibitively expensive and impractical, since fabric is not easily cleaned. But wallpaper -- because of today’s sophisticated printing techniques -- can look like just about any texture and because it is coated, it wipes clean with ease.

Furthermore, many wallpapers are created to look like linen and silk, rendering them perfect for creating restful, calm and serene spaces. In addition to being a far more affordable option than fabric, certain wallpaper's “fabric effect” is so realistic you have to touch it before knowing it isn't the real thing.

“You can cover all four walls and even the ceiling in a fabric-like texture, and it won’t be overpowering,” says Gina Shaw, vice president of Design York Wallcoverings and designer for Antonina Vella.

Shaw also suggests using wallpaper with a hint of metallic for a touch of understated glamour. ”A lot of the textures we create have a little metallic in them to softly reflect light, which makes them very inviting for a bedroom,” says Shaw.

You can find wallpaper in just about any style, many perfect for adding a design element to a bedroom without getting too cluttered. Prints that look like crewelwork and aged tapestries give an essence of Old World charm. Faux skins such as ostrich and shagreen are perfect for creating a retreat of quiet elegance.

"You want a bedroom to be restful. Any time you use a texture -- grasscloth, faux papers that mimic moire silk, or an exotic animal skin wallpaper -- you’re creating warmth," says John Loecke, a New York-based interior designer. "On its own, paint can’t do that; it can come off as a little cold. Wallpaper ensures a cozy feeling."

By simplifying the furniture, reducing the clutter and decorating the walls with your favorite wallpaper design, you'll soon find your bedroom is your new favorite room because you'll get such a great night's rest.

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