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How to Decorate for a Good Night's Sleep

- We spend more time in our bedrooms than most rooms in our homes. Our busy lives can sometimes transform the bedroom from its main function -- rest -- into a makeshift office, entertainment center or even a play area for the kids. How do we create a room where rest and sleep are a priority?
Enhance the quality of your sleep with a few adjustments to the room you sleep in. First, designate your bedroom as a haven devoted to relaxation -- the one room where work and clutter are banned.
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Every woman wants to have the perfect bedroom, and as a single lady, you don't have to worry about stripping your husband's masculinity with your design. That means that it's time to take control of that bedroom and bring it into spec for what makes you happy and cozy. Maybe you haven't thought about the best way to do that, or perhaps you haven't considered all the options. One way to make the bedroom your own is to create custom headboards to adorn your bed according to your mood. [...more click to full story]