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Hot Kitchen Design Trends

  • By: Tomer Harel

  • Hot Kitchen Design

    Most of our homes in New York City are small which also usually results in having other rooms that are small.

    If you currently own your own apartment in NYC then you have probably entertained the idea of increasing or enhancing the space of one or more of your rooms.

    We all know that remodeling a space requires lots of planning and a certain amount of cash to achieve a good result that we can happily live in. One of the most frequently used rooms in a home is the kitchen and when you have a small space it can sometimes be really hard to get motivated to utilize it at full capacity.

    Some of the most common complaints for kitchens are things like not having enough bench space, not having enough storage space, bad lighting and not enough air circulation.

    Hot trends within a tight budget are possible when contemplating kitchen design in New York! Your kitchen can have the latest design trends and looks that will ensure that your celebrity home chefs and guests can appreciate the hard work of your cooking without the hard work of hanging out in a dysfunctional kitchen.

    Some looks that are hot right now and won't put a massive dent in your budget are things like changing the shapes of your bench tops. The current trend is to reconsider the lines in the kitchen to include more curves and flowing forms rather than the more conservative formation of straight lines. The different shape of a bench top can make the space become more functional and perhaps allow more space for appliances or food preparation. The flexibility of the bench top shape will mean that unexplored places within the kitchen can be utilized with no space being left untouched! With the creation of extra spaces there is the opportunity to build in extra shelving on the backs of the cabinetry providing extra space for books and accessories.

    Good lighting in a kitchen is really important. It creates a space that is completely functional and enhances the size of the room. The current trends for lighting correspond with the existing concern over the current consumption of energy through the use of electricity in the home. More and more people want to switch the lights off and open up the windows to allow the natural light in to the room. In large apartment buildings it is usual to either find a tiny window in the corner of the room which allows minimal light in the middle of the day, or just no window at all. So what are the alternatives these days? If you live in the penthouse of the apartment block you could insert a sky light, however this is probably not the normal situation for most people. Opting for energy saving light bulbs is probably the best way to go. Whatever your taste is in lighting fittings, think about the bulb you place inside. These days you can buy fluorescent bulbs, dimmers, mini-halogen and globes that are long lasting and kind to the environment - definitely a good trend!

    Good lighting in a kitchen

    The color of a room, especially when considering kitchen design in NY, is always a much spoken about topic. Trends in kitchen color don't really change all that much from year to year, although there are a few key components to enhancing the space. The experts suggest figuring out what mood you are trying to create and then go from there! The typical colors that depict a warm environment are reds, pinks, orange and browns. If you have a small kitchen which is hot due to no windows, being compact in size and an oven that does not function well, it is probably best to avoid these kinds of colors. Maybe instead you could choose the cooler colors like white, blue or lime and the bonus with using these colors is that they will coordinate really well with stainless steel type appliances. If you are remodeling because you are getting ready for a sale, then many people decide to stick with very neutral colors that will create the illusion of space like white or beige. This also gives the buyer the opportunity to dream about the colors they may like to add to the space themselves.

    Maybe you are one of those people who have a lot of previous experience with home remodeling projects but if you don't trust your own judgement when it comes to redesigning a space then perhaps you could decide to let someone else make the call. Hiring a professional New York General Contractor is simple as there are many to choose from who will make your life very simple. New York General Contractors are affordable and professional and are up to date with all the latest design trends. So how do you choose one in a big city like New York? Ask people you trust for a referral. Start talking with family, friends or work colleagues to help you to make the decision and enjoy watching your new space unfold!

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