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Make Gardening Your Next Hobby

  • By: Denton Krypps

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    Do you love spending time outside? Do you love making your environment beautiful? Do you love eating healthy and natural foods? If so, consider making gardening your next hobby.

    For years I was turned off by the concept of gardening. I pictured old women with time on their hands who filled their days by planting excessive amounts of huge and bright flowers in their yards. A close friend of mine began gardening a few years ago and I have recently gotten hooked on it as well. Lately my wife or kids have to drag me in the house as the sun sets each night. There is something about the simplicity and purity of gardening that I just love.

    Ever since I can remember I have always been concerned with making the environment around me beautiful. I cannot stand going to work in offices that are filled with florescent lights and I cannot live in homes that do not have color or character. My addiction to gardening began when I realized how much it added to the beauty and feeling of my yard. Gardening made my yard and home seem inviting and cared for. Many friends and family have visited and commented on what a difference our gardens make to the look and feel of our property.

    Gardening plants and vegetables has become one of the most relaxing and peaceful things I do. At the end of a stressful work week there is nothing I'd rather do than spend a Saturday in my garden. Lately I've been busy researching new ideas on the internet and at the library. I'm looking for better ways to grow certain flowers and I'm looking for the perfect timing to plant my vegetables. I began gardening with the intention of only planting bushes and flowers, but after a short time I dived into the realm of trying to raise our own vegetables. It has become a family affair to wander through the vegetable garden and pick the perfect pieces to accompany each meal.

    If you think you might be interested in gardening, talk to a friend who loves to garden or get yourself to a library or book store and learn all you can about gardening. There is so much to be learned and it is relatively easy to pick up if you have some extra time and money to devote. Begin with a small garden and then expand as you go. One of the worst things you can do when you first begin gardening is to overwhelm yourself with a huge garden that you cannot take care of.

    Think seriously about making gardening a part of your home and hobbies. It brings beauty, peace and food all at the same time.

  • Make Gardening Your Next Hobby
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