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Halloween - The Ultimate Dress-Up Event

  • by Peter Koonz

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    Chances are that you've had a very busy year like just about everyone else has, and so you've had fewer chances to spend good quality time with your kids than you'd like. Well, it's a fact of modern life, but there are still some really good times to take advantage of. Halloween is one of them. It's a night full of fun and excitement, and you can tailor it to just what you want.

    Your kids are probably already talking about what they want to do for the holiday, and so that means it's time for you to start thinking about how to make it one of the memorable times for your family. The fact is that, despite whatever else it may be, Halloween is the ultimate in dress-up events, and what kid doesn't love to have a dress-up party? This is one where you can really let loose and have fun being as goofy or as scary as you want. And the great thing is that you can even all go out in public that way, and no one will even think differently of you for it! How great is that? Here's what you can do to make the whole thing worthwhile.

    First of all, take time now to think about what you would like to do for this Halloween. Make a list of some of the activities that you would like to have. Will you go trick-or-treating through the neighborhood? Or would you rather take the kids to the mall and have the same kind of fun there? How about a haunted house? There are many types of haunted houses out there, and they're not necessarily too scary for little ones. It's up to you.

    There are still more options. But the key to the holiday is dressing up. Once you've come up with the ideas for how to spend Halloween, it's time to get the kids involved. Have a talk with them about what you think would be fun this year, and then get their input. You may find that they have some new ideas that are even better than the ways you spent Halloween as a kid. Plan the whole thing out with them. You'll be making it a lot more fun for your children when you let them in on the decision-making. They love to feel like they have a responsibility in what's going on. The more they can do, the better time they'll have.

    When it comes to the actual dressing up, make it as fun as you can. Of course, you're going to need to find costumes suitable to your rules, and their tastes also. For girls, fairy costumes are sure to be a hit. She can either be a cute, gentle fairy, or she can be something just a little scarier and more mischievous if that is to her liking.

    Music, drinks, snacks, and whatever else you can think of should be part of the dress-up party. This is really a chance for you to have a "party before the party". It also gives you time to make sure your kids know the do's and don't's of the plans for the evening. And you can get all that in while having fun the whole time. Think about it, plan ahead for the holiday, and you'll soon find you and your kids having more fun than you've had all year!

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