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3 Top Tips for Home-Made Christmas Gifts to WOW the One's You Love!

  • By: Bernadette Dimitrov

  • During the Christmas festive season there is nothing more personal and cherishable than to give a home-made Christmas gift. It shows you have taken time, care and effort. It really is the ultimate in gift giving – something made by you. However most people are stuck for ideas for home-made Christmas gifts but not any longer! Here are 3 top tips for great home-made Christmas gifts:

    1. Gifts in a jar - make some Christmas cookies (there are many easy to make recipes available. Martha Stewart has easy Christmas Cookie recipes for free at Make, bake then place them in some spare jars you have in the house or you can purchase some lovely inexpensive ones from department stores. Add some red Christmas ribbon, stick a couple of Christmas tree ornaments on the lid and add a Christmas label with "For … Christmas Cookies made by ….." Everyone will love this gift, young and old and it is great for unexpected visitors to have some on hand too.

    2. Home-made Christmas cake in a box - mark out in your calendar one whole day about 6 weeks prior to Christmas to make, bake, gift wrap and label your own Christmas cake. Get a really good traditional Christmas cake recipe, one that adds some brandy to the recipe for extra flavor. Once cooled cut the cake into slices about the size of a business card. Purchase small gift boxes – a size that would fit about 2-3 slices into it. Cut slices of foil twice the size of the slices. Now wrap 2-3 slices and place in the box. Add a red or gold round sticker to hold the foil in place for each slice wrapped and add a home-made Christmas label and write "Merry Christmas - indulge in my home-made Christmas cake – especially for you! Love …..". Now place the lid on top and add a Christmas decoration to the lid. This is a super gift that will be really appreciated and lovingly remembered while indulging over the festive season.

    3. All natural relaxation gift - everybody loves a warm bath and there is nothing more relaxing than some salts to add to the water to really relax those muscles. Make gifts of your own unique bath salts. They are so easy yet a really sensational gift that is natural and good for you. Purchase 3 bags of coarse sea salt, 3 bags of baking soda and buy a couple of your favorite essential oils eg. lavender and orange and same small jars or containers approximately 4 oz. Mix equal parts of sea salt and baking soda into the jars then add a few drops of your aromatherapy oil and mix gently. Add your own home-made label and decorate the jar with green, gold and/ or a red ribbon. Add instructions on the back of your label "Relaxation Bath Salts – add contents to running bath water and relax, made especially for you by ….."

    So now you have some great ideas you can prepare well in advance that will knock the ‘Christmas socks' off the ones you love and care about this festive season. Really wow the ones you love with a home made Christmas gift. You'll be so glad you did as your gift will be remembered and talked about with loving and warm thoughts of you.

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