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Tips for a Great Halloween Photo Card

  • Charles Carter

  • Costumes for Halloween

    Halloween photo cards are the perfect way to show of your growing children to family and friends. Here are some ways to capture the perfect Halloween photo.

    1. Costume Photo

    A snapshot of your child in their Halloween costume is a very popular choice for a Halloween photo card. What could be cuter than dressed up babies? To capture a great shot of a small immobile baby lay them on a solid colored blanket as a backdrop. This will ensure there are not distraction objects in the photo. For older babies and children shots taken outdoors work great.

    2. Pumpkin Patch

    Colorful pumpkins make a festive backdrop for Halloween photo cards. Make sure to snap lots of pictures as your child picks out the perfect pumpkin. This is also a great setting for family photos to be used on fall cards or a holiday photo card.

    3. Face Paint

    A unique idea for a Halloween photo card is to feature a photo after your child has had their face painted at a fall festival event. Close ups work best for this type of photo.

    4. Fall leaves

    If you live in a cooler climate rake up those leaves and let your child have a blast playing in them. These shots are great for both Halloween and Seasons Greetings photo cards.

    Focus on the photo - Photo cards are becoming a popular choice for girl birth announcements, boy birth announcements, birthday invitations and other events. Holiday cards will be included in this trend this year. We are predicting that consumers will seek out collage photo christmas cards or cards that focus on one unique photo. We will be seeing more families choose a creative or artistic photo rather than a traditional family portrait.

    Halloween Darling Devil costume - costume HUB

    Custom Cards - Stylish families will seek out a unique custom card vendor such as Addie Kate Creations to tailor their holiday card in their own unique vision. Cookie cutter designs offered by large realtors will be passed over in favor of a more unique look. Discerning customers are looking for a more personal experience and are seeking out vendors that create a custom holiday card to suit their taste.

    Simple Messages - Long verses and text will be forgone in favor of short and simple phrasing. This year’s designs feature simple greeting such as “Peace, Hope and Love”.

    Simplicity is key this year when it comes to the message on your holiday card.

    Retro Design - You will find many cards that feature traditional elements with retro color schemes as well as modern characteristics on this years holiday card offerings.

    Elegant and Simple - Elegance is always in style. This year there will be many consumers that opt for simple clean lines and an upscale elegant look.

    Whatever idea you choose to incorporate, remember to take lots of shots and have fun!

    Halloween Shrek costume -Costume HUB
    Halloween Classic costume - costume HUB