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Losing Weight For Life

  • Raymond Burton

  • LOSE 10 LBS. in 5 WEEK
    Losing weight is the topic on many of our minds. If its so important, why do so many of us fail in our weight loss efforts? Well, while I do want you to like who you are, fat and all, I will not say what people want to hear if itís not the truth. Youíre here because you want to change your body. Iíll say what they need to hear to do that very thing. So if you have been working out for a few months and you havenít seen any changes, then there is a problem with what you are doing. If your not working out, but think your on a great body changing program, you can stop right here. Youíre overweight because youíre inactive.

    What I have come to understand is that many people are smart enough to know what needs to be done to change their bodies. What I also understand now thanks to my experience with others that are overweight is that knowledge is not what makes us succeed when trying to lose fat. Itís putting that knowledge into practice. So if people know what needs to be done to change their bodies, why are they not doing it?

    One reason is because the bad habits that made them overweight somehow makes them feel better now than they think they will once they lose weight. In other words, immediate satisfaction. We all know that most things that are worth having in life take effort. If this is you, than learning about discipline is your first step. The other is that its easier to be overweight now and enjoy your bad habits than it is to put in the effort on a fat loss program if your not 100% sure that this program your on will help you lose fat. Youíve tried to lose weight before right? Your still here looking for answers too. That tells me two things. First, you have unresolved personal issues that need to be dealt with professionally because you have adopted unhealthy habits that help you mask your personal pain. Second, youíre still overweight.

    So if you have tried weight loss programs before, (more than you care to admit) and you havenít lost weight, do you think there is a problem with every one of those fat loss programs? Or do you think maybe the lack of results lies within? Donít turn away, this is facing the facts time if you want to change your life.

    You see here is the problem I face. As a personal trainer working with people who want to lose weight, I have the knowledge to do this. But they have to use it in order to lose weight, I canít move for you (yes Iím talking directly to you). Iím writing this with you in mind. How can I be talking to you without knowing you? Because everyone that wants to lose weight faces the same personal demons. I know you. You are my living.

    Nothing happens on a weight loss program without movement! It takes calories to move, and using calories is the heart and soul of a weight loss program. Now Iíve told you that in order to lose weight you must move. Are you going to move or sit there and stay overweight?

    If you are still sitting there overweight, read on.

    Another reason that people cant break the bad habits that are holding them back is because at some point something or someone did or said something to this person that has preprogrammed them to think bad things about themselves. Things like: your fat, your over weight, you will never lose weight, and youíre big boned. Programmed to think that in some way you are flawed and doomed to a life with some sort of shortcoming that makes fat loss impossible for you! You are living out life overweight because someone somewhere did something that scared you. You are allowing someone's none caring actions to affect your life! You have let someone control and undermine what you are capable of becoming. Donít. To the person that said something to you..."to h-e-double hockey sticks" with them! Go ahead say it! Itís time to get tough.

    T-F-A-R Thoughts lead to feelings causing actions that create your results.

    Those people don't know what your cable of or how perfect of a person you are, and you know what? Neither do you. Not until you do your very best will you know what you can achieve when you truly apply your self to a serious fat loss lifestyle. If this person told you that you are weak willed, fat, ugly, or lazy, then that's their perception of you. That's not you. You are and can be so much more.

    Let me set the record straight right here right now. You are not a special genetic freak. If you are human (and I hope you are, if not ďlive long and prosperĒ) then you can lose weight. Read that again. If you are human, you can lose weight.

    If you continue to believe that you are destined to be overweight, then you will fight with your inner self to be anything better. In essence if you change and stop feeling lazy, weak willed or fat ect, you will loose your old identity. The ďfat egoĒ has a way of wanting to self preserve (even though outwardly you want to lose weight, you really do), so it will fight you. This is why change is hard. This is why starting a new fat loss life style will be a challenge. You must recreate yourself and become something more wonderful and beautiful than before.... lose your old self and create a better you. Step up and become involved with life. Do not stand on the sidelines any longer. Fight that ďfat ego voiceĒ that wants to keep you down. Other people (even family who are often the cause of your personal pain) will get in the way. Obstacles and challenges will come. But this is about you and fixing yourself. You have to come first sometime. Now is the time.

    Copyright © 2006 Raymond Burton
    Ray Burton is the author of FAT TO FIT and owner of the fitness website where you can get his book. If you need support or your weight loss journey take a walk over to our support forum here

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