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Common Menopause Myths by Men

  • By: Copyright 2007 Al Short

  • Naturally as every woman gets older they are going to go through the period time know as menopause. As most women read and work to better understand the affects and symptoms of menopause, what do men think? When talking to family members and friends many women confide that the men in their life either at home or at work no nothing about menopause. Of course don't tells guys that because they are so confident they are right.

    Listed below are the top ten myths associated with menopause and what the right answer and what do most men think.

    Menopause Lowers Your Sex Drive

    Most men think that the woman's libido goes down during menopause. They may say it goes down after marriage though that myth is for another article. Research shows that the hormone estrogen is not linked sex drive and that when surveyed most women report no drop in sexual desire.

    Menopause Makes You Gain Weight

    Almost all men believe that women gain weight during menopause. The reality is that weight gain or weight loss is not associated with menopause. This myth probably exists because Americans as a whole are getting fatter, so many women will simply be gaining weight from poor nutrition and exercise choices. Many women living a healthy lifestyle lose weight during menopause.

    Menopause Causes Huge Mood Swings

    Men believe that menopause forces women into becoming an emotional collapse. The truth is that menopause has nothing to do with the ability to handle ones emotions. Many women experience menopause quite placid. Coping mechanisms, peer influences, and lifestyle play the role of mood swings and emotional collapses, not just the presence of menopause. One interesting stat the 46% of Americans take hormone therapy during menopause while in Japan only 6% do.

    All Women have Terrible Menopause Symptoms

    Men prepare themselves for the horrific symptoms the women in their lives are going to go through. Not all women have symptoms during menopause though most do. Intensity has a tremendous amount to do with healthy lifestyle and attitude. It is amazing how if we believe bad things are going to happen they do. About 85% of all women will experience hot flashes at some level.

    Menopause Occurs at 50

    This basic myth is true as the average age of women to undergo menopause is 52. Many women though experience menopause in their 40s and some a little later than 50. The normal range for women is between 45-55 years of age.

    Menopause Lasts a Year or Two

    Most men thing menopause is something a woman goes through for a couple of years and she is done with it. The true answer is that menopause can last any where from 6 to 13 years. Menopause is a long natural process that takes time and many of the changes don't disrupt any daily activity.

    There is a Cure to Menopause

    Menopause is a natural process not a disease so there is not cure. Women in some cases use products or therapies to cope with symptoms during menopause. A common natural menopause symptom reducers is Femestra which many women chose over hormone therapy.

    Women's Hormones can be Fixed

    Every guy always wants to fix things. Though for all the guys that want to do their part, a healthy diet of soy protein, cashews, peanuts, corn, apples, and almonds have phytoestrogens and isoflavones that have been shown to reduce the symptoms like hot flashes. This is one reason why Femestra works so well as it is rice bran oil.

    Menopause is a World Epidemic

    Many men believe that this is a suffering time for women around the world. The reality is that many cultures report few or no symptoms during menopause. New research shows that psychological factors influence symptoms of menopause more than any physiological changes and issues.

    Menopause Causes a Loss of Memory

    Men believe that during menopause women lose some brain tissue causing a loss of certain memories. One thing most people don't know is that your brain starts to shrink after the age of 30. So, all men and women lose a little brain tissue as they age. Don't fret a 10% loss in brain tissue may only lead to a difference in 1% of mental ability. Your brain becomes more adept to deal with the loss of tissue which I guess is where wisdom comes from.


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