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Nighttime Skin Care Beauty Routine - 3 Bedtime Essentials

  • By: Shirley Peel

  • At the end of the day, it's so easy to do as little as possible about skin care - splash water on your face, brush your hair and brush your teeth - before going to bed. That is a nighttime regimen, but hardly a good one if you are planning to have clean, nourished skin. Too many women do not give their faces the proper attention before going to bed.

    Leaving make-up on overnight has consequences that are not good. Pores become clogged, and the skin tone turns dull and flat. If you can devise a nighttime routine that is easy, quick and relaxing, the appearance of your skin would improve 100-fold.


    Cleansing the face before going to sleep is essential. Don't make the mistake of paying more attention to putting on your makeup than you do to taking it off. With the array of facial soaps, gels, milks, and lotions that are on the market today, selecting a cleanser is just a matter of personal choice. Whatever you do choose, apply it with a clean, white washcloth dampened in warm water followed by an alcohol-free toner. A toner will remove any excess residue from the skin without taking away the moisture. Don't confuse a toner or refresher with alcohol-containing astringents which are used mostly for problem skin that has a tendency to develop blemishes.

    It is best to remove eye makeup with a gentle product made specifically for that purpose. If the skin beneath the eyes is puffy, apply a cotton ball saturated with cold chamomile tea to the area. Chamomile is a natural soother which will help reduce any swelling. It should definitely be a part of your skin care routine.

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    Apply a night cream. Night creams are not the same as day creams. Night creams for the skin contain higher concentrations of humectants which are ingredients that attract moisture from the air and hold it against the skin. Whereas day moisturizing creams are made to be used with makeup without interfering with it, night creams are intended to be used on skin that is free of makeup. It is formulated to be richer than day creams and work to your best advantage for the entire night. For the optimum benefit, mist the face with an atomizer since slightly damp skin absorbs moisturizers better than dry skin can.

    Restful, Relaxing Sleep

    A night of good, restful sleep is also an important part of overall skin care and the appearance of your skin. Many beauty and skin care companies advocate the use of aromatherapy for this purpose. Lavender, sandalwood, rose and geranium plant oils are said to relax and calm the brain. They are often used in bath products, oil lamps and candles. Other scents you might want to try for promoting relaxation include, chamomile, sage, orange, lemon grass and seaweed.

    Applying talcum powder enriched with plant and flower essences at bedtime can leave a soothing scent on your skin.

    Including these three skin care basics as part of your nightly beauty regimen - cleansing, moisturing, restful sleep -will without a doubt nourish and improve your skin and its appearance.

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