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Top Fitness Trends for 2008

  • By Sabah Karimi

  • Fitness tips

    If you've resolved to get into shape with a new fitness routine this year, a fresh new workout could be just what you need to honor your commitment. 2007 brought us belly dancing aerobics, continued use of the BOSU ball, and Coca-Cola's launch of Enviga which promises to burn calories as you enjoy the carbonated beverage. No matter what shape you're in after fad diets and 'creative' workouts you endured in 2007, there's plenty of room for a some new activities. Here's a look at the top fitness trends for 2008:

    Country Line Dancing Aerobics Sessions
    According to the American College of Fitness, more people are interested in fine-tuning their dance skills, many of which are inspired by ABC's Dancing with the Stars and other celebrity-endorsed dance routines. Country line dancing offers a high energy workout with plenty of creative routines to choose from; just head on over to your gym or fitness center to find out how to perfect your grapevine and do-si-do your way to fitness.

    Kickboxing, Boot Camp Style
    If you're still not a Tae-Bo pro, this is the year to take it up a notch. Inspired by The Biggest Loser and Celebrity Bootcamp, many gyms are offering bootcamp-style sessions to whip you back into shape in no time. Kickboxing may be especially valuable for those who want results, fast; it's a fast-paced, fat blasting cardio routine that's sure to wake you up on the 5 a.m. workout run.

    iPod Workouts
    If you still need motivation to become an early riser for the gym, an iPod workout routine offers a viable solution. Technology-based workouts are becoming popular for fitness enthusiasts of all ages; just download your routine or motivational clips for the day and hit the road.

    Express Workouts
    Head off to your workout during a lunch break or squeeze in a routine right before work; express workouts are designed to optimize your available time and make it much easier to stick with an exercise program. As more people simply 'don't have the time to workout,' gyms and fitness centers are taking note by offering classes that promise results in as little time possible.

    More Yoga Options
    Yoga continues to be an exercise of choice for fitness enthusiasts of all experience levels, ages, and strength levels. It's not only a great stretching and toning workout, but can also help relieve stress and tension. This year calls for more exotic offerings from the Far East. Brush up on your downward dog pose and move ahead with complete wellness and nutritional programming to complement your yoga-based lifestyle.

    From downloading an iPod workout to kicking off weight loss with bootcamp training, 2008 calls for a few shifts in the fitness and wellness industry. Even if you've used time as an excuse to skip the gym, an express workout awaits at your local gym or fitness center.


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