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How Hoodia Spray And Hoodia Help Weight Loss

  • by Cindy Heller

  • So many people are talking about hoodia now; newspapers, television reports, even Hollywood stars. Hoodia is the new dietary supplement for weight loss made from a South African Cactus. It's all-natural, with no added stimulants and makes your body feel like its full. Hoodia comes in pill form, but now it's becoming increasing available in hoodia spray form as well. What makes hoodia spray so much better than the pill form in this new diet trend?

    What is Hoodia Spray?

    Hoodia spray is the actual liquid extract of the plant; therefore no digestion is required. It's in a pure, easy form and quickly absorbed into the body. Hoodia spray delivery time to the body is faster and about ten times more effective than the pill form. The liquid form of the diet pill, just like other liquid medicines, provides a more potent dosage and often, provides increased results.

    Hoodia spray is more convenient to use than the pills. It also gives fast acting energy boost to the body because the supplement doesn't need to be digested. Manufactures state that the hoodia spray can be used alone, or as supplement to other diet products, for the tough diet days everyone goes thru.

    How Hoodia Spray Used?

    Hoodia spray is incredibly easy to use. Two quick squirts under the tongue, right before each meal, are all that a user needs to take the product. Many manufacturers online are offering the hoodia spray in flavors, including peppermint, to make taking dosages tasty. The spray, like the pill, doesn't contain any stimulants, like caffeine.

    Instead, it is made with organic alcohol or pure water, which help to create a stable and strong product. Hoodia spray provides the same great benefits as the pill form, like no side effects and a healthy energetic feeling. It is also rich in antioxidants and fiber, both of which are valuable to maintain healthy body function.

    Hoodia spray could very well be the future of dieting. It is safe to use and will have no unpleasant side effects. It fools the body into believing that it is not hungry and provides many essential minerals and vitamins to the body. It is also fast acting, because it's in form that needs no digesting and is in a convenient form for people to use.


    A Review of Hoodia Tea

    The Hoodia Gordonii is a truly amazing plant, as it is an all natural appetite suppressant which is able to help people lose a dramatic amount of weight, quickly and easily and with no side effects. It is a plant that comes from the Kalahari Desert, and which has actually been used for centuries by the Xhomani Sans Bushmen of southern Africa's Kalahari Desert to suppress their appetites during long hunting trips.

    However Hoodia really only became discovered in the Western world quite recently, and today it is one of the most popular forms of weight loss assistance in the world. It works because the Hoodia plant includes an active ingredient that is similar to glucose, and which tricks the brain into believing that the body is full when it really is not.

    Hoodia Tea

    There are many different variations of Hoodia products that you can get, but one of the most popular by far is the Hoodia tea option. One of the most favored features of the Hoodia tea is that it tastes just like regular tea, and yet by consuming it you are suppressing your appetite and also delaying the time that you will feel hunger next, thus resulting in you being less hungry and eating less.

    Hoodia tea will curb your appetite almost immediately after you drink it, and so it really gives you full control over your appetite, and is in fact considered as being the most effective natural appetite suppressant ever to be found. It is also a natural mood enhancer and so not only will it help you lose weight but it will also lighten your mood and make you feel happier and more energetic overall.

    Hoodia tea is so safe that it is classified as being a dietary supplement, and it is incredibly convenient because you can drink it during or in between meals, and you can even bring it with you on the go. As well, unlike pills and tablets, you can be completely discreet with the tea and no one has to know that you are taking something for your weight.

    Hoodia Spray
    Hoodia gordonii cactus

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