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Are Vitamins and Mineral Supplements Good for You?

  • By:Ben Paul
  • Vitamins and minerals are very essential to our body's daily function. These are the micronutrients that our body needs in order to function properly on a daily basis. Naturally, our body does not produce micronutrients on its own; therefore, we need to take herbs vitamin supplements to help our body with needed vitamins and minerals. Another source of these micronutrients is from the foods we eat, however, most people don't eat healthy enough, and therefore do not get required amount of nutrition from their daily meals.

    Really, what are the advantages of taking mineral supplements and herbs vitamin nutrients?
    Vitamins and minerals play essential role in protecting our body from illnesses. If we are not getting the right amount of micronutrients from our food, we could get sick as a result of vitamin deficiency, and quite often; we could be at danger of getting certain ailments. Vitamins and herbal supplements will help us get some needed daily nutrients that our body needs, especially when we are not eating balanced meals everyday.

    Another advantage of taking herbs vitamin and supplements is that they can prevent the deficiency of water-soluble vitamins found in the body; but could easily be flushed out through bodily sweats. If you do not eat right everyday, you should benefit from taking a vitamin supplement that has these water-soluble nutrients.

    What are the Benefits and Side Effects of Taking Minerals and Herbal Supplements?

    Obvious and notable drawbacks about minerals and vitamin supplements are their costly price. It makes more sense to cook and eat nutritious food at home rather than spend money on vitamins; after all, meals are better source of nutrition for the body. And it's more affordable than buying either pharmaceutical or herbal vitamin supplements. Though, herbs vitamins are not as expensive as most pharmaceuticals, but there are nonetheless expensive. Also, it is more effective to have a healthy diet because food is still the best source of micronutrients.

    One concern about using vitamin supplements is the danger of overdosing on it. Consuming excess vitamins or minerals can cause side effects like vomiting, nausea, muscle weakness, weight loss, nerve damage, etc.

    Who Is Most Likely to Gain From Taking Mineral Supplements and Vitamin Nutrients?

    Daily food intake full of fruits and vegetables are always the best and most safe way of getting vitamins and minerals. Aside from providing micronutrients, foods are great sources of anti-oxidants and natural fiber. In any case, there are some individuals who could gain from using herbal vitamin supplements; and those are:

    - Individuals who only eat fewer calories in a day that is as low as 1,600
    - Grownups and kids who lack or do not eat enough whole-food groups
    - Lactating and pregnant women
    - Individuals who have illness that make it hard to digest food
    - Those with major injury which interrupts the normal digestion of food
    - Individuals who eat less or have little desire to eat at all; like the elders
    - Individuals who do not have enough time to eat; or who eat at inappropriate time:

    If you are planning on taking vitamin supplements, it is preferable that you consult with your doctor or nutritionist first. Your physician or healthcare professionals can better help you understand how to effectively take these vitamins. Understanding fully the possible risks from taking vitamins and mineral nutrients are as crucial as what you gain from using these supplements... so talk to your doctor first.

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