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10 Dating Tips For Women

  • By: Wadzanai Nenzou

  • Dating is meant to be fun, not stressful. If you've been dating for a while, then you probably think you know it all. You've had your share of heartbreak and have probably even broken a few hearts yourself. But no matter how long you've been dating, you could always use some tips to make the experience better.

    1. Ease Into It

    Of course you're on the prowl, but don't rush yourself. Ask yourself if you are truly ready to get out there and start dating again. If you've got way too many things on your plate at the moment, trust that the guy of your dreams will still be out there after you've sorted yourself out if it's meant to be.

    2. Grooming

    Before you go out on a date, try to look your best. While there this whole, "accept me as I am or don't like me at all" thing going on, it's still good to put on a nice outfit and groom yourself well in general. If nothing else, dressing up will make you feel a little more beautiful than you did before, and that in itself will make you more appealing to the opposite sex.

    3. Don't Be Nervous

    If it's been a while since you've went out, don't psyche yourself up too bad. Realize that there will be a lot of other guys on the scene who are just as inexperienced as you are, and even some who are first-timer's. There's a good chance you'll get hit on, particularly if you go to a bar or club, and if so, try not to pay any attention to those extreme flirts who make you feel uncomfortable. Just relax and try to have a good time.

    4.Be Approachable

    The best way to know how to become more approachable is to be aware of the things that make you unapproachable. Frowning and looking angry will let everyone know that they should stay away from you. Likewise, if you're too shy or nervous, you may not attract anyone at all. Being friendly and acting as if you are having a wonderful time is the best way to catch the attention of other guys, and it's also a lot less intimidating.

    5. Careful How You Dress

    You don't want to give anyone the wrong idea. No one wants to be labeled just another "one night stand". Wearing clothes that are too revealing will definitely get you a lot of attention, but it will ultimately not the the kind you want. You must make it a point to get your message across in other ways. Guys aren't that interested in a girl's heart and mind when she's half naked, but they're definitely interested in her body.

    6. Adopt a Positive Attitude

    Possessing a bad attitude about dating won't get you anywhere. For example, let's say you suffered from a bad relationship, and you now believe all men are the same. By making that type of generalized assumption, you've already determined your fate. Adopt a positive attitude and your dating experience will be smooth sailing.

    7. There's More to Life Than Clubs and Bars

    If you're looking for love, you probably won't find it at your local pool hall. You should expand your dating horizons by joining book clubs, social clubs, online dating sites, and maybe even just keeping an eye open on a day-to-day basis. A narrow mind won't get you anywhere when it comes to dating. Great guys can be found even at your local supermarket, you just have to be open and social!

    8. Give Everyone a Fair Chance

    When a guy approaches you, don't reject him before you get to know him a little more. It usually takes more than just a few conversations to get to know someone. If someone is truly interested in you, be appreciative of it because you never know when it could turn into something more. If nothing else, some guys can make great friends.

    9. Dont be too available

    What's the fun in dating if you're readily available to anyone anytime they need you? This is something that most people realize at a fairly young age, particularly within their first or second relationship. If you're too available, you end up unappreciated and taken for granted. It may seem unfair, but that's just the way it works. To make him sincerely want you, don't always be there.

    10. Date Numerous People

    Dating only one person at a time is okay, but if you're actively dating you can date more than one guy without being considered "a player". If you're looking for something more serious, then it may be best to date one guy at a time in order not to hurt any feelings. However, if you're simply looking to play the field, dating more than one guy is just fine - plus, it gives you a better idea of what's out there.

    Remember that dating isn't meant to be a miserable experience. You may need to give yourself some time before dating again, however, especially if you've been in a previous bad relationship. Try not to take things too seriously at first, as seriousness when it comes to dating has a way of putting a damper on things. Just try your best to enjoy your experience and the people you meet.

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