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7 Ways to Recharge Your Sex Life! Naturally!

Amazing Tips on How to Improve your SEX Life
Doing the same thing over and over again can make things a little bit mundane?

There is really nothing wrong with you if you ever felt like that. It is not that you do not love the same person any more but it is just that repetitions themselves without even the slightest change of routine, same place, same atmosphere, same time, same style, same finishing, just makes things too predictable and when things become too predictable, our brain, which is probably our most powerful sexual organ, just is not stimulated as much as it used to.

Simple changes will make a whole lot of difference in how we think and in turn, how we may get stimulated from the small things in life. [...more click to full story]

Amazing Tips on How to Improve your SEX Life

Amazing Tips on How to Improve your SEX Life

How to Improve your SEX Life

Passion is pure energy, aliveness, and like life itself, it starts off neutral; it is a given. We are the ones that give the energy of passion direction and meaning. The more we have succeeded in channeling passion into love, the more attractive we have become to each other, and the more attractive our relationship has become to both of us.
Great sex is an active ingredient in all healthy love relationships. Sex is fun and pleasure is good for us. Making love is surrendering to a higher form of energy than any one love partner can experience alone. Making love is two love partners experiencing their oneness with each other.

When we make love, we are much greater than the sum of our parts. It is spiritual as well as physical. We never forget the spiritual source of our love. Making love is a Divine idea. We never allow making love to become the supreme expression of the absence of God in our lives [...more click to full story]

Reignite your sex life

Reignite your sex life

The tempo of modern living can seem to play havoc with our sexual relationships. There are always reasons to put everything else before our sexual gratification. However, the choice is yours.

Do you remember the passion and sexual excitement that got you into the relationship in the first place? That is what life and living is actually all about. Temporary diminishment of sexual desire can happen in any relationship. Illness, relocation, job loss or financial setbacks, can adversely affect our desire from time to time. External circumstances can and do affect the fire. Now a temporary break may actually be a good thing, as this can lead to renewed discovery of one another. The problem arises when the situation is prolonged. Now the lack of sexual desire or activity can actually cause distress in the relationship and lead to unhappiness in both partners and breakdowns. This needs to be addressed to avoid causing irreparable damage destroying the relationship.

Here are some simple ways to get your mojo working again [...more click to full story]

Achieving Orgasm Getting the Most out of it

Difficulty in achieving orgasm

Sex with the right partner can be wonderful, pleasurable and satisfying. When two people physically connect, sex can be liberating and the orgasm powerful. However, many people report having difficulty in achieving orgasm and when they do, it is sometimes disappointing. Others say that it is not always possible for them to achieve orgasm. An orgasm does not have to be an elusive thing. There are ways to experience a powerful orgasm - it just takes a little practice and a few helpful tips [...more click to full story]