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The Pros and Cons of Speed Dating

So you've decided it's time to get out there and meet new people to date. You look at your options beyond online dating and stumble upon a speed dating event in your area that looks interesting. What do you need to consider before you decide to take advantage of this opportunity? Is this really the right venue for you to meet someone? [...more click to full story]

'8 Minutes Dating' - The Latest Craze

8 minute dating is growing fast across the country and more people are trying it. The 8 minute dating events are becoming more popular today because of its wonderful technique for you to socialize with other people without that shyness and pressure of finding a topic to talk about. 8 minute dating are events occurring in different parts of the country to help single men and women to find an easy date without the hassle of the meeting place and the conversations.

8 minute dating are events where a group of people get together and get paired up with someone. Each pair gets 8 dates for the night and 8 minutes to charm them and to find that certain spark among each other. All in all, each individual gets 64 minutes the whole night to find someone suitable for them. If they donít, the 8 minute date continues. It may seem that 8 minutes is very little to get to know that person, but in the plus side, you get to meet a lot of people. People cannot ask the other person for his/her number so the conversations are comfortable and safe. The participants of the event would know in the end who they like to see once more, thatís the only time you can ask for his/her number.

Here are some tips on how to act on the 8 minute dating event:
[...more click to full story]

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