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Facts About Internet Dating That You Need To Know

  • By: James D John

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    Of the different fields of life where the Internet has become a huge hit dating is one place where users spend hours to find their so-called soul mate. It could be the idea of anonymity that triggers off singles all over the world to search for a suitable life partner online. Whatever is the reason, Internet dating is now ubiquitous, with single individuals of both genders trying out their luck in love through the World Wide Web.

    It is said that in the UK alone, around 5 million people browse different online dating websites to find a partner. While most of them turn out to be hoax, there are indeed some who actually succeed to find the right person and tie the knot thus bringing a successful end to a fairy tale love story. It is true that people still meet in the traditional setting of dating, introduced by friends or meeting in parties and pubs, however, Internet dating seems to have become a path taken by many today due to many advantages.

    So what are these advantages that make more and more young men and women use their computer or iPhone to search for partners of opposite gender, or even the same gender, rather than checking out for people outside? There are quite a few:

  • Internet dating is comparatively safe as you don't meet the person in close physical proximity at least during the initial meetings where you don't know each other a lot. And also, you don't have to meet someone unless you are completely comfortable with each other.

  • Most of the online dating services introduce people with similar hobbies, thoughts and beliefs and thus help you find someone who could be compatible with you. This is rare in the case of traditional dating.

  • It is true that Internet is easier to give a wrong picture about oneself; however, when you are actually talking with someone it is easier to say you are stuck up financially to someone online than to say that in person. In conversations therefore people tend to be more honest in Internet dating.

  • Dating online is a much more economical and cost-effective way of internet dating than the traditional one. Imagine the cost when you are meeting someone in person! The dresses, ornaments, travel, restaurants, etc. take up a lot more money than if you are just sitting before your computer and talking to someone. And finally when you are ready to meet someone, you would know that all the money that you are spending now is absolutely worth it.

    Though it comes with a lot of benefits, it is better to be careful when you are meeting the person for the first time whom you met online, especially if you are a woman. Keep someone in your family or friends circle informed of where you are going and whom you are meeting. Also, it would be safer if you don't travel or stay with someone immediately after the first meeting. You need have no fear of being called paranoid here for a genuine person would understand why you are being so cautious. After all, dating is matter of love and relationship and should never be a source of risk in life.

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