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Planning Your Honeymoon

  • By: James Calvin

  • Almost as fun as planning your wedding is planning your honeymoon. You want your first trip together as husband and wife to be memorable and it's tempting to take an 'anything goes' approach. After all, you're likely to get lots of wedding gifts in the form of cold, hard cash so why not?

    Well for one, you want to be able to eat and see the sights when you arrive, so you've got to use some discretion when making your arrangements. Many couples find that it is possible to have a great honeymoon, even if they're sticking to a budget and all it takes is some planning.

    When is the best time to plan the honeymoon? Obviously sooner is better, especially if you intend to travel to a popular destination during peak season. But at a minimum, while you are putting together your wedding budget, it's a good idea to allocate funds for this adventure together and work from there.

    To help determine an appropriate budget, you've got to think about your possibilities, and of course, you've got to be realistic. A good way to start planning your honeymoon is to think about the things you both like to do in your free time, think about places you've only dreamed of visiting, and think about what you realistically intend to do while away. You can also use the Internet or a travel agent to help you come up with honeymoon ideas.

    Once you've selected a destination, it's time to get busy making your travel arrangements. Special deals are out there, but you've got to be aggressive in your search for them. Don't despair; it'll likely be worth the effort. And the great deals might not always involve getting the lowest price. It's the extras that'll turn this ordinary trip into something extraordinary. Perhaps the deal includes getting a suite with a breathtaking view, or being greeted with a bottle of champagne.

    When you're down to only 3 months left until the wedding date, you should have your travel arrangements firmly in place. Know where you're going, how you're getting to the airport (after the reception) and once you arrive at your destination, how you'll be getting to your accommodations. Once you're in place, the rest of the vacation can run its course. If you wish, you can plan some day trips in advance. This far out, also make sure vaccinations and passports are current, if applicable.

    A few weeks before your departure, start gathering the things you'll bring with you on your honeymoon: camera and film/memory cards, swimsuits, day and evening wear, traveler's checks, tickets, documents, confirmation numbers for ALL reservations (including person's name if possible), and a bit of local currency for tipping. Set aside somewhere safe.

    Then as the approaching days become more stressful than you can handle, close your eyes and picture yourselves lazily lying around your honeymoon suite, with not a care in the world except how soon you'll be able to return!

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