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Perfect Gift for your father this Fatherís day

  • By: Ester Rebecca del FIerro

  • Father's Day -

    June is the month dedicated to all fathers. And with this, they deserve something special from their sons and daughters. What will you give you father? Would it be something you bought from the mall? Or something you did all by yourself? Whether it is cheap, expensive, small, or big, we have to make sure that it is a special one because we will give it to someone who is dear to us.

    Here are some suggestions you can give to your father.

    If your father is between 41-50 years old, why not give him a pair of eyeglasses? At this stage, our fathers are starting to feel that everything is going blurry. Or if they do have one already, why not provide them a new one or better, a check-up with their Ophthalmologist. Iím sure they will appreciate this because they need this.

    If your father is between 51 Ė 60 years old, why not give him books? At this stage, our fathers would like to spend more time reading books, or go fishing, or play golf. But books are the cheapest ones. Just make sure that the books you will give are not boring and are substantial.

    If your father is between 61 Ė 70 years old, why not give him a basket of fruits? Why fruits? Itís because itís healthy. We have to admit that our father is growing old and the only way we can help him to stay healthy is giving him healthy foods, healthy lifestyle, and happy life.

    If your father is between 71 Ė 80 years old, why not give him a rocking chair? They will really appreciate this because this is a comfortable to sit in and they will feel more relax.

    If you didnít agree to my first suggestions, then why not give him a cake? If you can bake a cake or cook good food then much better. Giving him something that you made will make him feel special. Or give him a wallet? This will be useful to him. Why not give him a watch? A watch is something that everyone will appreciate regardless of their age. You can buy beautiful yet affordable watches and give to your special father. You will never go wrong with that suggestion. It will become useful to them. It doesnít have to be expensive. Many stores today offer low-price watches. Just make sure that it is durable and will last for a lifetime.

    Our father deserves the most wonderful gifts we can ever give them. They protected us from everything and they have loved us with all their hearts. A day especially made for them is not enough to make them feel that they are special. Donít forget to always kiss your father and say thank you. Always make them happy.

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