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Jewelry & Diamond Guide

This Guide will provide you with useful information and guidelines that will assist you in recognizing, choosing and buying diamonds and jewelry.

Information You Should Know When Looking to Buy Jewelry

For the average person looking at jewelry can be exciting, but confusing. What do all these terms mean? Jewelry terms, especially relating to actual Gem stones, are very important because the price of the final item is dictated by the stone quality and cut. Following are some of the terms you'll come across [...more click to full story]

White Gold / Platinum Group Metals

Sometimes this is called white gold. Platinum is not just one metal, however - which (to me at least) still strikes me as strange. We are talking alloys, however, so maybe its no more strange than the allows we have of gold. Be aware that when you talk platinum you may be a number of different combined metals [...more click to full story]

9 Earring Buying Tips

The right earrings can be the finishing touch that turns an ordinary ensemble into the envy of every woman in the room. But the wrong earring can be a painful experience for both your ear and your fashion sense. The good news is that knowing the difference between the right earrings and the wrong ones is easier than it seems. Here are some common sense guidelines to help you get started: [...more click to full story]

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