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15 Facts for Weight Loss Newbies

  • By Jennifer R. Scott

    1. Your weight affects you in many ways other than your appearance:

      • Your overall quality of life;
      • self-esteem;
      • health risks;
      • depression;
      • and physical abilities are also influenced.

      Think of all the positive changes you can experience by losing weight.


    2. You will need to see your doctor for a physical if you haven't had one recently and you really should get her approval before starting a weight loss regime.


    3. You should ask yourself these questions as you begin:

      • Why do you want to lose weight?
      • Are you truly committed? Do you have a support system set up?
      • Can you accept mistakes without giving up altogether?


    4. To lose weight effectively, you will have to permanently change four aspects of your life:
        1) what you eat
        2) how you eat
        3) your behavior and
        4) your activity level.


    5. You shouldn't set your sights too high(like losing 30 pounds in a month. Those signs advertising weight loss pills are not true!).

      Small goals (e.g. 5 pounds; 10 percent of your current weight) are far more attainable and easier to stay focused on.

    6. No matter which way you look at it, 3,500 calories cut is one pound lost.

      Whether you take in 500 fewer or burn 500 more calories a day, by the end of the week youíll be one pound lighter!


    7. You wonít stick to a diet that is comprised of foods you do not like. Choose your plan carefully.

      Do a trial period before investing a lot of money on something like pre-packaged foods.


    8. You should ask yourself how long you can live this way. If you canít imagine staying on a particular plan until you reach your goal weight, try something else.

      Going on and off the same plan again and again leads to yo-yo dieting.


    9. You need to plan alternative strategies to cope with emotional eating.
      Many people with weight issues have the habit of eating in response to emotions and stress. Be ready.


    10. The dangers of being overweight are real:
      • diabetes,
      • high blood pressure,
      • cancer,
      • and heart disease

      ... are life-threatening health risks for the obese. When your motivation wanes, keep these in mind.


    11. Factors such as genetics, ethnicity, your environment, your job, physical hindrances from exercising, etc., can affect your weight management efforts. Accept that there are some things you canít change.


    12. Your ultimate goal should be a realistic one. Some of us will never fit into that wedding or prom dress again. Our bodies change with time. Settle for a weight that is healthy for you now, not 15 years ago.


    13. Diets with too-severe restrictions like too few calories or entire food groups being omitted often lead to binges and uncontrollable cravings. Moderation is the key.


    14. Your weight will fluctuate from day to day. Resist the urge to weigh yourself on a daily basis, as doing so will discourage you.
      Weigh in the same time and day once a week.


    15. Bottom line: Losing weight isn't easy.

      There is no magic pill or quick fix for long-term, healthy weight loss. Itís going to take a lot of discipline and hard work.

      But just because something is difficult, itís not impossible. The fact is ... You can do it!

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