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What Is the Dukan Diet?

  • By: JJ Jenkins

  • Are you searching for a diet that's going to take off the pounds and keep them off? Women and men in France seem to have this worked out - in France they are considerably less obese than Americans. Why is that? The up coming article offers a possible conclusion.

    The Dukan Diet was initially introduced by Dr. Pierre Dukan, a French physician that has specialized in human nutrition since 1973. The Dukan Diet was created a decade ago and has gained immense acclaim since it was initially conceived. The Dukan Diet was first born in the young medical doctor Pierre Dukan's imagination when he faced people who would take desperate measures to lose extra fat. Patients who underwent starvation phases (particularly with meat), as a result of several other weight loss programs, were told to eat only meat by Dr. Dukan. The Dukan Diet is based on ingesting high-protein ingredients while drastically restricting virtually all carbohydrates including fruits, starchy vegetables, legumes and whole grains.

    According to media reports, over 1.5 million French women rely on the diet to maintain their figures, and evidently political figures, movie stars and high profile models are living the Dukan life, each of them seduced by its promise of the ultimate dieters desire - perpetual slenderness while ingesting what you like. It has also been used by models and celebrities including Giselle Bundchen and Jennifer Lopez to return to their pre-baby bodies. This fascinated the interest of individuals across the globe. The Dukan Diet has four successive phases: The Attack Phase (also known as "pure protein Phase"), The Cruise Phase, The Consolidation Phase and The Stabilization Phase.

    The Dukan Diet is effective because it is primarily based on the vitamins and minerals of high protein foods and ways in which the body reacts to proteins. Unlike the other two major food groups, carbohydrates and fats, proteins are the most challenging for the system to absorb. It usually takes up to 3 hours for the system to react to protein digestion and this function uses up roughly 30% calories which were initially eaten.

    In simple words, more consumption of high protein food raises the body's calorie expenditure. High Protein foods are additionally lower in calories than carbohydrates and fats. In conclusion, we can say that high protein food not only can boost the calorie expenditure of the body but additionally helps in consuming less calories as high protein food simply leaves people feeling fuller for longer because the slow rate of digestion. As stated by Dr. Dukan, the diet has a solid academic value and shows dieters the incredible importance of each food group in line with the order in which they are incorporated into their diet. It starts with vital foods, then introduces, in succession, indispensable foods, essential foods and important foods, finishing off with superfluous foods.

    Along with its sound scientific logic, the Dukan Diet enables you to "eat anything you want" so long as what you want is protein. The Dukan Diet is a very interesting and attractive diet for dieters as it promises the holy grail of diets, that after whatever target weight loss strategy is achieved, the weight loss is retained forever and one can go back to unrestrained eating. It acknowledges the actual pleasure to be had from eating and, incredibly, assures efficient weight loss while taking in limitless quantities of "real food."

    What's On the Dukan Diet Menu?

    Let's see what we have on the menu at various phases of the Dukan Diet:

    Attack Phase:

    Eat reduced fat protein only. Drink plenty of water, tea and coffee (unsweetened) and zero calorie/diet soda. The protein can be attained in the form of meat (low-fat beef, chicken, turkey, fish), but additionally, there are dairy options (e.g. zero-fat yogurt and cottage cheese, etc) and vegetarian/vegan alternatives (e.g. eggs and tofu). You may season your protein with anything that is zero fat and zero carbs, like salt, vinegar, onions, mustard, normal spices (oregano, basil, pepper, etc.) and so forth. You also add some oat bran (1.5 tablespoons each day) to the mix. In the attack phase, the only thing that may cross your lips is the protein, the oat bran and the water.

    Cruise Phase:

    Let's identify what's on the menu in this phase:

    You persist with the oat bran (2 tablespoons daily), the water and the walking (which increases to 30 minutes per day, energetically). In phase 2, the vegetables permitted are restricted because some vegetables contain a lot of carbohydrates. Vegetables like carrots, peas, corn and potatoes are out, as a result, green is in. So what you might normally find in a salad is alright, including: Lettuce, spinach, broccoli, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and onions. Also permitted are vegetables like green beans, cabbage, cauliflower, asparagus and celery. You are able to eat them raw, or steam them, or boil them. Your menu could include soups or stews that combine protein and vegetables. The menu is sure to include salads.

    Consolidation Phase:

    Its time to maintain weight so let's see what we can eat now:

    The consolidation phase adds a small amount of fruit, bread and cheese to the mix, in addition to one "celebration meal" per week. A Normal menu for the week looks like this:

    1) Proceed taking in protein as well as vegetables to your heart's desire. They are always on the menu.

    2) You receive one fruit every day, but you are in search of the watery fruits like watermelon, cantaloupe, apples, etc.

    3) You will get two slices of whole-grain bread. In the event you must have butter, make it low-fat. Be stingy with the butter.

    4) You will enjoy one helping of carbs each week. This could be pasta or rice.

    5) Your menu expands to add in one "celebration meal" every week, where anything goes. But really, if you are dropping a significant amount of weight, it's been 6 or 8 months since you've eaten real food. Do you really want to mess it up now? Perhaps when you travel, this meal will allow you to eat one ordinary restaurant meal a week. As you proceed to the second part of Phase 3, you get two of these "celebration meals" every week.

    Stabilization Phase:

    The program might be a ambiguous here. It says, "Go back to eating anything you like, but continue using the fundamental rules of the Consolidation Phase as a safety platform (eat unlimited protein and vegetables, one portion of fruit every day, two slices of whole meal bread, a portion of cheese, two starchy foods and two celebration meals each week)." There's a big difference between "consuming anything you like" and consuming the Phase 3 diet. So let's review: Follow a phase 3 diet, except on Thursday. On Thursday you eat nothing-but-protein. You continue walking everyday.

    Some tasty recipes to make your diet worth it:

    Chicken with Mustard and Thyme

    This is a simple but yummy and valuable recipe.

    Coat skinless chicken thighs or drumsticks with Dijon mustard and thyme with a little sea salt and freshly ground black pepper. Encase the chicken pieces loosely in a foil package and bake in a medium oven until cooked completely.

    Chicken Meatloaf

    Mix a couple of cups full of cooked chicken with some fresh herbs, a couple of tablespoons of fat free cottage cheese, 1 egg and pepper and salt to taste.

    Spoon mixture into muffin tins and bake at 350 degrees, for about 15 - 20 minutes.

    Chill and serve.

    Zucchini Soup - Serves 4


    Zucchini, large, 4 pieces

    Carrots, peeled, 1 piece

    Onion, large, 1 piece

    Turnip, 1 piece

    Vegetable bouillon cube, 1 piece

    Salt and black pepper, to taste


    Dice all the vegetables after washing and peeling them. Place them in a pan with water and the vegetable bouillon cube. Permit them to cook for approximately twenty to thirty minutes. Once tender, puree the vegetables to produce a smooth soup. Enjoy steaming hot.

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