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A Fat Loss Diet That Doesn't Leave You Hungry

  • By: Scott T Smith
    Most weight-loss seekers look with furrowed brows at the word "diet". We all know that our diet has to change, but just how that change will, or should, work is frequently misunderstood. Instead of eating foods that make us feel something like an enlarged rabbit, and being hungry all the time, a healthy fat loss diet actually incorporates all types of foods, and we really don't have to eat as little as it sounds like. Take a look at 3 diet considerations, and you might just feel different about diets in general.

    1.) Water: Where It's At

    Most people, regardless of weight or weight goals, don't drink enough water. But drinking as much water as the human body actually asks for, between 8-10 eight-ounce glasses, can be a significant aid in weight loss, for several reasons. First, if we drink enough, our bodies don't retain "water fat" - stores of emergency water rations. Since most of us spend the day in access to plentiful water supply, there's no reason to retain the several pounds of water stores, and we can shed these pounds by drinking those 8-10 glasses.

    Second, our kidneys should process water, but they can't do so very well without enough. Our liver does it instead, but the liver should be converting fat into energy. Drink more water to give the water burden to the kidneys and let our livers burn fat. Last, we naturally suppress our appetite with water - our brain sees no difference between thirst and hunger. So instead of opening the fridge, turn on the tap for your fat loss diet.

    2.) Ditch Processed Foods

    In the name of convenience, we seem to sacrifice a lot. Processed foods, with long shelf lives and often requiring little preparation, are certainly easy, but at the sacrifice of health. They're pretty easy to spot, or at least the ingredient lists are, taking up about half the package. But when all this processing occurs, much nutritional value is lost, and it takes more food to fill us up - more calories.

    Moreover, processed foods are filled with chemicals and unneeded fats, unhealthy for your body and weight. Try eating unprocessed foods - fresh fruits, whole grain breads, vegetables. All in all, unprocessed foods are financially equivalent, fill you up more (so you eat less, without the hunger), and help you slim down healthily. Pretty good...

    3.) Revamp Your Eating Patterns

    Actually, this doesn't mean eat less. Eat more. Just try this: More meals throughout the day, smaller portions. Instead of eating three meals a day, try five or six. This way, you don't feel the need to eat a lot, because once you get hungry, eat a little more. It's also really easy to balance the types of foods you eat.

    Try some grain and dairy for breakfast, have a snack of fruit around mid-morning, some protein around noonish, and so on. And the best part? Most dieticians recommend eating this way for all forms of healthy living, even if you're not involved in a fat loss diet.

    So diet's aren't necessarily quite what we thought they were. It's not so much eating less as it is eating differently, and smarter. So instead of starving yourself, eat more balanced, more frequent meals, with less processed foods, and drink water. Sounds like a fat loss diet we all can get used to.

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