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Rules For What To Eat And What Not To Eat

  • By: Brandon H. Masters

  • In today’s fast food world, it is important to first know the rules to eat healthy and then to follow them with dedication till they become a part of your system. The first rule is, of course, to eat fresh, clean, whole foods in their natural state that have not been commercially processed.

    Before you read the list of rules given below, you must understand that good basis will prevent disease; don’t expect it to treat it. However, it is possible that good basic diet may well result in the disappearance of some unpleasant symptoms. If you follow the general dietary recommendations in the form of foods, you can improve digestion and elimination, and consequently lose weight and achieve vibrant health with a clearer mind.

    • Choose organically grown fruits and vegetables; grow them in the backyard if possible.

    • Avoid commercial meats and dairy products; they contain steroids and antibiotics.

    • Choose ‘fertile’ eggs laid by ‘free-range’ chickens; avoid commercial eggs.

    • Add mineral-rich sea vegetables, like pulse, kelp, arame to your diet. These are good protein and mineral sources.

    • Use unrefined oils; give up refined oils.

    • Cook and bake with butter, coconut oil or olive oil; give up margarine.

    • Use flax oil on foods or in blender drinks. Do not heat this oil.

    • Use whole grains minimally; avoid refined carbohydrates like white sugar and flour products totally.

    • Use more of the gluten-free grains: brown rice, millet, quinoa, amaranth, buckwheat.

    • Drink and cook with purified water to which minerals have been added. Avoid tap water in your body. Use a shower filter for showers and baths.

    • Drink fresh homemade juices; prefer vegetable juices to fruit juices; avoid canned and bottled juices altogether.

    • Clean your fruits and vegetables in a 3% hydrogen peroxide solution in a basin of water, or use a special ‘veggie wash’ solution.

    • Avoid all products containing hydrogenated oils or trans fat like commercial baked goods, shortenings, margarine, peanut butter and processed cheeses.

    • Avoid or minimize use of foods with chemical additives.

    • Use stevia or lo han; give up sweeteners.

    • Drink an 8-ounce glass of water with lemon juice each morning upon rising and each evening before retiring.

    • Drink 1/2 ounce of water for every pound of body weight daily (a 100-pound person drinks 50-ounces).

    • Avoid sodas, especially diet sodas.

    • Avoid artificial sweeteners.

    • Minimize intake of alcohol.

    • No smoking.

    • Reduce or eliminate coffee; use organic brews.

    • Use herbal teas freely.

    • Use cast iron, glass or stainless steel for cooking; avoid cooking in aluminum.

    • Gradually increase the amount of raw foods you eat.

    • Soak nuts, seeds, and grains in water overnight.

    • Chew well!

    • Refrigerate oils and grains – except for coconut oil.

    • Avoid deep fat frying completely.

    • Use conventional cooking methods; avoid cooking in microwave ovens.

    • Eat fruits by themselves.

    • Do not combine proteins and starchy carbohydrates at the same meal.

    • Assume the squatting posture when having a bowel movement – by propping your feet on a phone book or a ‘Life Step’ when eliminating.
    Brandon H. Masters is a health enthusiast, researcher and veteran of the Natural Products industry. He is devoted to educating others on the benefits of weight management using natural solutions including a balanced diet. weight loss supplement. Article Source: - Free Articles Directory