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Understanding Body Language On A First Date

  • By: My Relationship Tips

  • Understanding Body Language On A First Date

    People communicate through nonverbal cues more often than through verbal cues. It’s just that we don’t know that we are doing so.

    This is the reason why experts agree that one of the keys to maintaining good communication with other people is to learn how to understand the nonverbal cues that they emit. For instance, when dating, there are body language cues that say whether a person is interested or not.

    Here are some dating body Language that you should learn to read the next time you went out on a date.

    Going to your direction
    Just as a person who is interested will directly go to a person, their dating body Language will also point in the direction of the person they are interested in. People will lean towards you or point in your direction, whether it be with the foot, the leg or the whole body. People who are really into you will also exhibit a body Language that is relaxed exhibiting trust and at the same time with tension.

    Looking at the face
    When dating for the first time, people whose interests were aroused will exhibit a common set of body language. Their eyebrows will rise, their eyes will dilate and their lips will part after smiling. One of the classic dating body Language is the hair toss, where she will touch her hair and then look at you. With women, they will usually smile a lot and even giggle a couple of times at things that you say. Another dating body language that you should watch out for is the willingness to expose her wrists, palms and the inside of their arms.

    Looking straight in the eye
    Though not all people have the courage to exhibit this particular dating body Language, it is nevertheless effective. People who look at you straight in the eye during conversations are found to be more attractive and more approachable. They are also considered to be more honest. People who make the effort to look at you in the eye are genuinely interested in you and in what you are saying. Otherwise they wouldn’t waste much time. One should remember though that this is not true for all kinds of people. Some people actually become shyer when talking to a person they really like. Their dating body Language become more closeted and nervous. They would refuse to look directly at the eye and may bow down their heads all the time. Know the difference.

    Sitting with arms crossed
    This dating body Language spells “don’t come closer” in big bold silent letters. A very protective stance, crossing the arms shows a need for people to back away because there is a problem with trust. This is one body Language that tells you that you just made the worst impression on someone. Some people who are not into relationships unconsciously adopt this dating body Language to show that they are not interested.

    Batting their eyelash
    This dating body Language and flirting style may seem a bit archaic to you, having been there during the time of Scarlett O’ Hara but it sure is effective with the men. Only the women, however, can get away with this particular brand of dating body Language. Men who try to bat their eyelash would probably appear as if they have a tic in their eyes and might need a psychiatrist.

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