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How to Know If a Guy is Really Interested in You Or Not
 - Here is How to Be Absolutely Sure of It

  • By: Russell Jackson

  • How to Know If a Guy is Really Interested in You Or Not

    If you think that women's minds are the only ones which are hard to read, think again. On a different perspective, if it is the woman on the prowl for the guy she wants, she could also have a difficult time reading him. But having the skill of knowing how a guy thinks is an advantage in the game called love.

    This gives you the upper hand and boosts your confidence for you don't get to misinterpret every action a guy does. This may be harder than it seems, but there are actions that are proven to tell you that a guy is interested in you.

    Getting Closer This is one of the actions a guy would surely make if he is interested in you. When you are in a conversation with him, if a guy ha a thing for you, you will notice that he will lean his body towards yours. This is an indication that he wants to get closer.

    Breaking physical barriers. Now, it is up to you if you reciprocate it or not, but there are two ways in which a guy can do this: the first one is by doing it in a subtle manner like brushing your hair or touching your hand, and the other one is being physically touchy like wrapping his arms around you and the like.

    The Stare. Another surefire thing that a guy does if he is interested in you is by looking at you straight in the eyes. You will notice, if you are having a conversation with him that he will sometimes stare at you blankly and when you look into his eyes back, it would seem that he is in dream land. You can reciprocate this by smiling while you look back at him and this will make sure to drive him crazier about you.

    Coincidence or Serendipity A guy is proven guilty of being interested in you when all of a sudden, at you favorite hangout, where you don't see him in the past, suddenly appears. Of course, the first thing he will tell you as an alibi is that he was just passing by, or the place you are in is his favorite hangout as well and stuff like that, but you know at the back of your head that his intentions are to see you.

    It's all about you. You think he's Mr. Mysterious because he never wants to talk about himself, and he's always asking questions about you. Answer with your charming smile, but also make it a point to throw some get-to-know questions at him to actually make a conversation.

    He gets to know your friends. A guy who likes you will want the support of your friends. He needs to know they will be there to back him up, and he can also ask them to talk you into liking him back. It's a strategy that'll work if the guy you are into is naturally sociable and friendly.

    His friends get to know you. Even though you and his crew don't have anything in common, you will find your circle of friends growing as they now make an effort to befriend you. Now think, and think hard. Why do you think they're suddenly chummy with you?

    He teases you more. A guy who is interested in you will want to get on your funny side. He will try to break barriers and make you completely comfortable by playfully teasing you without necessarily going below the belt. You may find yourself laughing at his silly jokes, and simply feeling adored with his little antics.

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