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Plasma Television Myths and Facts

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    Plasma Television Myths and Facts
  • Myths about plasma television persist even though these flat panel entertainment wonders have been around for a while and are widely used in home, offices and public areas.

    Like all decisions in life, the decision to purchase a plasma television has both pros and cons. But that is not this article. This article is about the debate about what those pros and cons are to help you sort out the raging shouting matches on the technology forums.

    Like any good, religious technology debate the debate between plasma televisions and LCD screens is as hot as between PC and Mac fanatics.

    Anything I say here will be seen as wrong, even with the numbers to back it up, by one of the camps. Since I have worked at the electronics department of a major department store before, I have seen the ups and downs of both camps. Which is why there is a CRT in my living room. Now that all biases have been aired, let's try to see the debate:

    1. Stupid Myths. If it sounds like something your father came up with (like needing to refill or recharge your plasma television) it is probably stupid.

    2. Burn In. Remember the original reason for screen savers? Well, it is still alive and well today. While it is true that a plasma television used a certain way will not have burn in, there have been enough examples of toddlers burning the screen. For the price of a plasma television, any example is too many. The manufacturers either need to fix the problem or issue rebates.

    3. Fade. Yes, they both do it. The only debate is in how long it takes to do it. Unfortunately, my last CRT was over 30 years old and still had a perfect picture. Again, there is not much excuse for any television wearing out.

    4. Picture Quality. The manufacturers would have you believe that it is impossible to get as good a picture quality on a CRT as a plasma television or an LCD screen. They are lying. There are CRT's with comparable picture quality, they are just hard to find.

    5. The Myth of the Clean Room. Manufacturers love to advertise the image of a plasma television screen in a picture frame and no other electronics in the room. Yeah, right. First of all, plasma televisions are hard to hang. Then you still have all your other stuff that needs to be connected, like VCR's and cable boxes and game systems.

    What they never show on advertisements is the nest of cables, cords and power strips! Plasma televisions do not have anything built into them to help cut down the clutter.

    6. Durability. Plasma televisions are fragile. Once you decide where they are going, then they are staying there because you probably had to have them professionally installed. And if you want one over your fireplace, then you will need special carpentry to hold it in place.

    Okay, most writers about plasma television myths assume that you are stupid. You probably are not. Therefore, you are not looking for questions on obvious myths, but the real possible problems that you might have with a plasma television. I hope that you feel more confident in your decision now.

    New technology is always exciting and mysterious. Plasma televisions are no different. However, if you question closely owners of plasmas to find their experiences, you will have a better idea of their performance and if these new televisions are for you. At the price, you want to be right!

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