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Pointers for Pampering Yourself in Just 30 Minutes a Week

Make time during a shower or bath
(ARA) - Work, children, spouses, school and friends – your life is hectic. It’s hard to find time to do it all, let alone a half hour of quiet time for yourself. Yet setting aside just 30 minutes of “me time” each week can help you look refreshed and feel beautiful for days. Here are some tips for making the most of your weekly pampering routine.

* Make time during a shower or bath to exfoliate with a scented body wash, using a sponge or cloth. Concentrate on the areas where skin toughens up like the elbows and knees. Follow up with moisturizer on all areas of your body to keep skin smooth and soft. If your hair is feeling flat and dry from winter’s cold temperatures, try applying a hydrating masque before you blow dry your hair. These concentrated conditioners saturate and smooth the strands, nourishing the scalp for healthy, shining hair all season long.

* Flip on the humidifier as you emerge from the shower. Winter air is much drier than in the summer months, and the body notices it. Having a humidifier running in the bedroom keeps the skin softer and reduces breakage in the hair. Plus, humidifiers also can help with your breathing by loosening up the airways and defeating congestion.

* Treat your teeth to some pampering as well. Remember that smooth, polished feeling you get when you run your tongue over your teeth after walking out of the dentist's office? Now you can enjoy this intensely clean feeling at home. Crest Weekly Clean Intensive Cleaning Paste polishes teeth with ingredients similar to what dentists use, says Dr. Michael Apa, a dentist in New York City, and should be used as a complement to your regular brushing and flossing routine.

* Soak your feet in warm water with salts. Use a pumice stone to soften heels and calluses before giving yourself a foot and lower leg massage to relieve any remaining tension. Also, make professional pedicures last by touching up nail polish in between appointments.

* Finally, before crawling under the covers for a blissful night's sleep, continue the moisturizing treatment for your hands and feet. Lotion helps your nails grow strong and also slows down the signs of aging. Apply lotion on your hands and feet – avoiding the spaces between your toes – and slip on socks or gloves to hold in the moisture while you dream. Make sure you remove any jewelry before this treatment to protect the metal and stones.

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