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Top 10 Tips for Summer Beauty

Top 10 Tips for Summer Beauty

(ARA) – As summer arrives and temperatures rise, beauty routines become increasingly challenged by heat, humidity and other seasonal factors. Looking great during summer months isn’t hard – it just requires smart preparation.

Celebrity makeup artist BJ Gillian and hairstylist to the stars Brett Freedman offer their top ten tips for looking hot this summer.

1. Protect hair color from damaging sun and chlorine.
“If you color your hair, it’s especially important to protect it during the summer,” says Freedman. “Using a product like a spray or conditioner with sunscreen will help keep your hair fresh and healthy and help prevent fading and brassiness.”

2. Keep your makeup light.
“The most important thing during the summer months is to create an environment where your skin can breathe,” says Gillian. “Instead of layering heavy products like liquid foundations, switch to multi-purpose products that provide light coverage, an SPF of at least 15, and look and feel weightless.”

3. Fight frizz by locking out humid air.
“Preparation is key for blocking out humid air and preventing frizz,” says Freedman. “Start with the new Pantene Pro-V Beautiful Lengths Shampoo and Conditioner with Aquacurrent Science; conditioning is important to 'fill' the hair shaft so there's less room for humidity to come in. Gently blot hair dry after showering, then apply a silicone-based serum to smooth the hair shaft and fight humidity.”

4. Wear SPF everywhere.
“All summer-friendly products have SPF – even lip products!” says Gillian. “Make sure your moisturizer, tinted moisturizer, eye cream and lip balm all contain SPF. Products like Olay Definity Deep Penetrating Foaming UV Moisturizer provide great protection when you’re out in the sun.”

5. Switch to easy summer hair styles.
“You must keep in mind that as there are seasonally appropriate clothes, there are seasonally appropriate hair styles,” Freedman notes. “Summer months are looser and more free in clothing, and the same applies to hair! Choose the right products to tailor your individual hair to the weather. Many women incorrectly think that using conditioner during the summer will weigh hair down, but it will actually help fight frizz.”

6. Prep skin to prevent shine.
“Prepping your skin with the right products can make it virtually ‘shine-proof,’” says Gillian. “Use a multi-tasking makeup primer like DDF Matte Finish Photo-Age Protection SPF 30, which is a great high-SPF moisturizer that dries with a matte finish. It’s perfect for summer months.”

7. Go from poolside to party pretty.
The perfect look for a post-beach party? “You'll definitely want to do a loose bun to show off the flush of a day in the sun,” says Freedman. “Rinse hair with clean water and blot dry. Then apply a leave-in conditioner that dries with a touch of shine from ends to roots (in that order) and sweep back in a soft, casual bun. Be sure to use a fabric-covered hair band to prevent snags or breakage.”

8. Switch up your skincare routine.
“Any dermatologist will tell you that for cleansers and moisturizers to work effectively, you’ll need to shake up your beauty routine every season,” says Gillian. “Give your skin the ability to let that skincare do its best by shocking it every 90 days with something new. For the summer, switch from a heavy cream to a lighter moisturizer with SPF.”

9. Shampoo smart.
To minimize damage from over-washing hair during summer months, Freedman recommends focusing on the roots. “Use shampoo sparingly and lather up the roots first to zap the sweat and oil at the base of the hair, then use the diluted suds on the ends. Use a mild shampoo to keep your locks smooth, healthy and clean without overdrying.”

10. Wear summer-friendly beauty products.
“A waterproof mascara, like CoverGirl Lash Blast Waterproof Mascara, makes all the difference in the world,” Gillian says. “Pair it with a great eyeliner to get a smoky look without too much fuss, then finish the look with a dusting of bronzer and a fruity-colored gloss for a punch of color.”

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