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Five Popular Cosmetic Procedures You Might Not Know Existed

  • By John Vantine

  • When it comes to cosmetic surgeries, there are certain procedures we have all heard of including the tummy tuck, eye lift, nose job, and breast enhancement/reduction. However, you may be surprised to learn that there are five popular cosmetic surgeries that you have never heard of. They are listed below.


    Many physically fit adults who are of average weight for their body types complain about bulges and other areas of fat that they cannot seem to get rid of - regardless of how much they workout or diet. So-called 'spot reducing' is simply impossible for many people to achieve.

    The CoolSculpting procedure was developed just for those love handles, back fat and other problem areas. This non-invasive procedure takes between one to three hours to complete and it consists of sandwiching the targeted area between two cooling panels. The targeted fat cells freeze and after the procedure is over, the crystallized fat cells break down.
    During the subsequent two to four months the fat cells gradually shrink and then disappear, eliminating the excess fat.

    LightSheer DUET

    Setting a new standard in laser hair removal, the LightSheer DUET system offers several improvements over traditional laser hair removal systems. Vacuum-assisted technology paired with a marked increase in the laser spot size enables a greater depth of penetration and improved absorption of energy at the hair follicle. LightSheer DUET reduces treatment times by up to 75%. This procedure is a pain-free way to permanently remove unwanted hair from the face, legs, back, bikini area and any other areas on the body where unwanted hair grows.


    Isolaz is an innovative acne light treatment that combines a vacuum with a painless broadband light to deeply clean and purify skin pores. The Isolaz procedure involves applying gentle vacuum pressure to the affected skin while the broadband light works on destroying the acne-causing bacteria. Blackheads are softened and removed as are dead skin cells and other debris that is embedded in the pores, resulting in radiantly clear skin. Isolaz works on all skin types. Patients can have the procedure done in under an hour and then continue on with their regular daily activities.


    LashDip is a semi-permanent mascara that once applied, will last for up to six weeks. LashDip coats eyelashes in a black gel that adds curl, volume, length and color to lashes. Once the procedure is done, the patient must apply a clear gloss product called LashSeal to their eyelashes three times per week to maintain the look. It is necessary that the patient returns to the provider after three weeks so that new LashDip be applied to cover any new eyelash growth.

    Facial Fat Grafting

    As we grow older, the collagen and elasticity of the skin on our face begins to break down and wrinkles appear. We also tend to lose some subcutaneous facial fat that can lead to a hollow look.

    Facial fat grafting can restore a youthful appearance to the face without the need to remove or stretch the skin, which can result in an unnatural look. In facial fat grafting, a small amount of fat is removed from one part of the patient's body and re-implanted into the lips, nasal area, under the eyes, cheeks or other parts of the face to give the face a youthful, 'full' look. Facial fat grafting is a surgical procedure that can be done alone or in conjunction with liposuction. The results can last for several years. Some plastic surgeons believe that injecting fat into the face may encourage new fat cell growth.

    These are five of the most famous cosmetic procedures that people are opting to have done today. Would you consider having one of these procedures done? If you are unhappy with a part of your body the chances are good that there is a procedure available today that can help to eliminate or correct the problem all together.

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