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How to Wear Make Up and Still Look Natural

  • By: Wendy Owen

  • Part 2


    In part 1 we talked about how to apply our foundation and blush to look natural. Now we'll discuss lipstick and eye make up

    So here we go Makeup Tips Part 2 or... "How to apply eye make without looking like you've gone 3 rounds with Joe Frazier"

    In other words don't overdo it. Subtle is the word here!

    Eye shadow - There's a rainbow of colours now available, unlike when I grew up, green and blue were almost all that we could get (boring!) So have fun and experiment, but bear a few tips in mind.

    Keep bright colours for evening use only.

    Don't use frosted, glitter or metallic shadows if you're over about 25! You'll accentuate any fine lines. There's also a theory that the small glitter particles can pass through the fine eyelid membranes and lodge in the eye. (I don't know for sure if this is true, but it's enough to make your eyes water!)

    Use dark colours to shrink and light colours for emphasis.

    Blend blend blend blend! between colours. Use a brush or fingers (gently does it)

    Use a lighter colour on the inner edge of eyes to "open" and darker colours on the outer edge for a dramatic look.

    It's best to use no more than 2 colours at a time (unless you're super clever) Make sure to use the same colour tone. Hot colours are bronze, taupe and gold. Sheer colours will look more natural.

    Make Up

    *Special tip* - Don't use an eye shadow that's the same colour as your eyes. Contrast will bring our your eye colour better. For example if your eyes are blue use a brown or taupe shade. Brown eyes look fabulous with most colours - except brown.

    Mascara - If you only do one thing then make it mascara! It has the most impact of all make up.

    Start at the root of the lashes and move up. Make sure you include the tiny lashes at the inner corners.

    Put an extra coat on the outer corners too. This will make your eyes look "larger".

    Wipe brush with a tissue to remove any "blobs".

    Don't use a lash comb afterwards, instead use a clean wand (wash your old one and use that)

    If adding a second coat, do it before the first one dries.

    Mascara can "go off" quickly. Replace every 4 months to avoid eye infections.

    Don't overdo it. Too much will stick your lashes together and look unnatural.

    To widen eyes, use an eyelash curler - before applying mascara.

    If your eyelashes are very sparse, try false lashes, these can look great if applied properly!

    *Special tip* - If you have small eyes, don't use mascara on your bottom lashes. This can make your eyes appear smaller.

    Eyebrows - Pluck only under your brows to create a good shape. If your brows tend to meet in the middle then you can pluck here too, but be careful. A beautician can wax this area for you the first time so you can maintain it yourself in future.

    If you have sparse or light eyebrows use a pencil one shade darker than your brows, but no darker than your hair colour. Blondes are best using a light brown pencil.

    If your brows already look good, try adding some shine with a slick of Vaseline or sheer lip gloss.

    Use a brush to blend pencil at all times.

    *Special tip* - If your eyes are too close together, start your brows more toward the middle of the eye. Try this with a pencil first. Don't pluck before you're sure it suits you!

    Lipstick - The best thing I can tell you about lipstick is to use a lip brush. Yes it takes a little longer to apply, but you'll get an even application of colour and stay within the lip line.

    Make sure your lips aren't dry or flaky, use Vaseline or moisturizer before applying lipstick.

    If your lips are too thin, draw a line just slightly outside your normal lip line with a lip liner pencil (careful!)

    If you want your lips to be the focal point of your face, use a strong colour and use less eye make-up.

    For lasting colour that doesn't come off on your coffee cup (or his cheek!), blot lips and re apply. Blot again.

    Use a gloss over your lippie for impact!

    Practice makes perfect when applying make up. If you do it often enough, you'll be able to apply make-up in the dark, without a mirror and with both hands tied behind your back (Just joking but you know what I mean!)

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