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Lip colors and what they mean

No more confusion over sales talk get to know what exactly do these shades mean right here!

Brand Name Shade name What it means
Avon Berry Moist Vibrant red 
Avon Brownie Brownish-red
Avon Fine Wine Warm red
Avon Cool Peach A light to medium peach 
Avon Shimmery Peach color 
Avon Glazed Copper  A shiny dark pink 
Avon Golden Reflection Sheer golden Sheen
Avon HeavenlyCappuccino Orange-brown 
Avon Icicle---shimmery,   Sheer silver/pink
Avon Juicy Melon Medium pink tone 
Avon Lilac Illusion Sheer Lilac Shimmer 
Avon Terracotta Warm brick red 
Avon Twig  Slightly dark than natural lip color
Avon Metallics Lipgloss Spice Shimmer
Aveda Halo Blue-based, bright pink with a slight silver shimmer
Aveda Shizandra Plum shade
Bobbi Brown Buff Pale beige pink sheer 
Bobbi Brown Chocolate Warm brown
Bobbi Brown Ruby Stain Sheer ruby 
Chanel Wild Honey Sheer red 
Chanel Phantom Purple shade
Chanel Tempting Red Red lipstick 
Christian Dior Beige Mischief Light beige
Christian Dior Devilish Rose Vibrant hot pink
Christian Dior Romanesque Rose pink with a hint of violet 
Christian Dior 628 - Spice flower Soft coral with a hint of brown? 
Christian Dior Sugar Cane Peachy brown
Clinique Berry Buff Creamy mauve 
Clinique Black Lily Rich blackberry color
Clinique Black Violet Reddish brown
Clinique Blue Jam Dark blue-red
Clinique Brick Red with brownish undertones
Clinique Bronze Leaf Deep bronze
Clinique Bronze Violet Plum brown and natural 
Clinique (SPF 15) Buff Nude 
Clinique Currant Stain Sparkling plum with mauve color
Clinique Glitter 01 Two colors a medium brown gloss, & a brownish nude gloss 
Clinique Semi Sweet A reddish brown 
Clinique Glitter sweet Glittering sheer caramel color 
Elizabeth Arden Beach Pebble Medium mauve color 
Elizabeth Arden Breathless Pinky brown color 
Elizabeth Arden Bronze Lame warm light bronze with a hint of shimmer 
Elizabeth Arden Cherubic Medium pink brown 
Elizabeth Arden Lacquer Red Striking matte blue red 
Elizabeth Arden Myth Rosy berry
Estee Lauder Ancient Brick Medium terracotta
Estee Lauder Apple Cordial Mauve/plum
Estee Lauder Blushing Violet Pearly pink violet color
Estee Lauder Cafe Latte Shimmering bronze brown color
Estee Lauder Cider Burnt red shade
Estee Lauder Driftwood AM Pale mauve matte
Estee Lauder Honey suckle  A sheer toffeebrown
Estee Lauder Maplesugar Shimmering reddish brown 
Estee Lauder Sweet Tea Light coral or deep peach
Estee Lauder Spiced Cider  Red brown with hint of gold shimmer
Estee Lauder Tawney Lip Pencil Frosty deep dusty rose color 
Guerlain  Abricot No 18 
Brownish-pink color
Guerlain Jacinthe Blue based fuchisia 
Guerlain Rose The Soft peachy rose 
Guerlain Terracotta Deep red with a gold cast 
Revlon Blush Dusty rose 
Revlon Glossing Sheer shimmer 
Revlon Stone Edge Medium brown 
Revlon Top Speed Granite Plummish brown 
Revlon Top Speed Iced Mocha Frosty brown 
Revlon Top Speed Skin tone Light pinky beige skin tone creamy
Jane Browned Down Red Pinky brown
Jane Bursting Berries Reddish-berry
Jane Melonade Pale bright pink 
Jane Peach Zinger  Peach-coral 
Jane Solar Flare A frosty tan color with golden sheen 
Lancome Rouge Idole Light beige
Lancome Amande Sucree Medium golden brown with a hint of rose 
Lancome Champagne Creme Shimmering rose 
Lancome Coquette Brownish, mauveish, rosyish,
Lancome Raisinette Metallic brown with hints of plum. 
Lancome Naif sheer baby-pink with light tawny undertones 
Lancome Risque Shimmery medium mauve 
Lancome Sepia Rich brown with reddish undertones
Lancome Jezabel Deep red burgundy 
Lancome Gala Nice rich cool mauve color
Maybelline Sweet Peach- Sheer cream natural pink
Maybelline Great Wear Light mauve 
Maybelline Cyber Grey Shimmering silver 
Maybelline  Nutmeg Reddish-brown 
Maybelline  Iced Mauve Brownish-red color
Maybelline Sunlit Bronze Frosty brown 
Maybelline Woodrose Red-magenta
Maybelline  Walnut Beautiful deep brown 

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