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Nail colors and what they mean

No more confusion over sales talk get to know what exactly do these shades mean right here!


You ever felt like oh! the sales person is talking greek, he or she says ma'am try the spring fling from Avon what in the world will make you dream what color does that mean? well here's a ready reckoner for all those who want to know what colors do these brands actually mean when they address to it by a fancy name.

Brand Name Shade name What it means
Avon Burgundy Brew Deep berry 
Avon Pink Gold Pink gold shimmery
Avon Saturn Deep lilac 
Avon Spring Fling Pinkish lavender & Silver sheen
Avon Shooting Star Deep blue with tiny silver glitter 


Black Radiance Black Ice Deep Grey with a silver sheen 
Black Radiance Electra Ice Frosty, sort of light silver Grey
Black Radiance Wish 4 U Medium to deep green & gold washed sheen
Black Radiance Green with Envy Pale green with laced silver sheen


Cover Girl Gingersnap Sparkling deep gold
Creative Nail Bug Juice melon with gold shine
California Colors Gold rush Miniscule, very shiny gold glitter 
Chanel Vamp black red 
CHRISTIAN DIOR Beige Illusion Medium cocoa,copper & slight shimmer 
Gap Wisteria Very soft lavender 


Hard Candy Pussy Cat Silverish pink 
Jordanna Pink Pearl Pearly pink medium
Jordanna Key Lime Medium lemon green 
Jordanna Ocean Glitter Bright turquoise 
Jordanna Cosmic Green Medium green with some silver sheen
Jane #5 dazzle A light gold 
Jane #9 electricity Light brownish, shiny
Jane #13 rebellious Medium plum color with silver sheen
Jane #16 deep denial Deep shimmering brown
Jane #21 warpaint Plum maroon base & small silver glitter
Jane #22 up all night Navy blue with small silver glitter
Jane #24 megawatt Gold glitter in a clear base 

L'Oreal Strobe bright white with silver glitter 
L'Oreal Sequins deep red glitter 
L'Oreal Disco turquoise glitter
L'Oreal Martini pale pink glitter 
L'Oreal Stiletto dark plum glitter
L'Oreal Glitter Glam Gold glitter in clear base

OPI Boston Red Snapper Vivid true red 
OPI Chicago Champagne Toast Frosty silvery pinkish brown, lighter shade 
OPI Colorado Crimson Dark magenta-red
OPI Copper Mountain Copper Brick red with gold shimmers
OPI Route Beer Float Shimmering dark wine
OPI Grand Teton Topaz Medium-dark brown with slight gold shimmer
OPI Innsbruck Bronze Brown mauve shimmer 
OPI Los Angeles Latte Coffee colored & shimmer 
OPI Romeo & Juliet Dark burgundy with bronze shimmer 
OPI Tutti Frutti Tonga Light pink, neutral 
OPI we're not in Kansas any more Dorothy Deep red

Revlon Blackberry Shining metallic burgundy 
Revlon Iced Silver Shiny whitish silver
Revlon Vixen Black-red
Revlon Top Speed Ink Dark blue black 
Revlon Top Speed Plum Matte purple
Revlon Top Speed sand Neutral, with a slight shimmer 

Sally Hansen Cobalt frost shining bright deep blue 
Sally Hansen Eclipse Frost Frosty Grey
Sally Hansen Nearly Nude, Icy Glaze Whitish base with tiny iridescent glitter
Sally Hansen Wave Creme Solid medium oceanic blue 
Stila Demeter Silvery shade
Stila Hebe Mauvish brown 
Stila Isis Shimmery pink silver

Shooting Stars Big Dipper Light purple base with long stripes of 
hologram glitter 
Shooting Stars Morning Star Bluish grey base with long stripes of 
hologram glitter 
Shooting Stars Orions Belt Clear base with long stripes of hologram 
Toma Velveteen Rabbit Very sheer off white no shimmer
Toma Jungle Dust Glittery sheer color
Toma Frost  Light, neutral beige with slight pinkish brown undertones
Toma Caution  A bright coral shade
Toma Fraulein  Looks like bubble-gum 
Toma Pixie Dust A bright, shimmering blue

Urban Decay ABC Gum Tannish pink color
Urban Decay Absinthe Light shimmering green
Urban Decay Acid Rain Bright yellow with a shimmering green with sheen 
Urban Decay Alley Cat burnt gold
Urban Decay Asphalt Textured Black
Urban Decay Asphyxia Reddish lavender with a blue sheen
Urban Decay Bruise burgundy with a green shimmer 
Urban Decay Cash Pale green with golden sheen
Urban Decay Chains Dark gold with deeper based tone
Urban Decay Dude Teal glitter in a same color base
Urban Decay DT's Toxic Green, quite neon like
Urban Decay Fluorescent Iridescent white with a peach sheen
Urban Decay Frostbite Blue/black with bright blue sheen
Urban Decay Gangrene grape purple with green sheen
Urban Decay Gash Deep red with a red sheen
Urban Decay- Graffiti light lavender in a blue base

Wet & Wild 407A multi-color glitter in Grey/silver base 
Wet & Wild 412 deep metallic red
Wet & Wild 417E violet with a bluish glow
Wet & Wild 434 white based iridescent 
Wet & Wild 439D light bluish grey
Wet & Wild 440B A bit darker than a  copper penny
Wet & Wild 455A greenish gold glitter 
Wet & Wild Iris pale, pastel blue

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