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Aggressively Written Resumes

When writing resumes, it is important to remember whom it is you're trying to please - (is it you, or the hiring authority?) In this article I will present my ideas of what makes up really aggressive documents, based on my many years in the industry, and my career in owning and managing a successful resume writing and career marketing firm. Who Is Reading Your Resume? [...more click to full story]

Resumes and You

Hello, fellow jobseekers and resume-writers!

If you've ever applied for a job, chances are, you've had to make a resume. Resumes are a vital part of the working world. To convince employers that YOU are the absolute BEST person for the job, your resume needs to be a clear and succinct summary of your background, experiences and skills. It needs to be well formatted and error-free. It needs to be perfect.
Unfortunately, writing a resume isn't as straightforward a process as you might expect. To write my book, 'Resumes from Hell', I looked at hundreds of resumes. Some were ok, some bad, and others were so full of mistakes that they were hilariously awful. Resumes From Hell is a compilation of the worst and funniest resume mistakes that I encountered over the years. I encourage you to take a look at it so you can avoid the silly mistakes others have made. It's definitely the funniest book about resumes you'll ever own! As you can see, there is a subtle art to crafting the best resume for a particular job. And that is the purpose of this list, to get you started on the road to learning the art of creating the PERFECT resume! [...more ]

Happy Trails,
Jon Reed

Targeting Your Resume is So Important For Your Career

Targeting your portfolio, (resume and cover letter) can get you any job you desire! The purpose of targeting is so you can find your perfect match, your dream job!
To target successfully, you need to calculate the position, do this and you will be sure to hit the mark.

When targeting the job you wish to apply for, ask yourself, “Am I responding to this position because I really want to do this job, or am I merely responding because the position is available?” Remember, there are always vacant positions to fill, but finding an open position that you truly want to perform every day, is going to take a more committed search. If you are just responding to classified ads just because they are there, you will never find a job in which you do not have to work. It is like the old adage, “Find a job you love and you will never 'work' another day in your life.” [...more click to full story]

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